Top Kodi Sports Addons for Best Sporting Action and free VPN for PS4

You may not only get movies and TV series but can enjoy the sporting action too on Kodi by using the top add-ons available for the same. Now, sporting events from across the globe are available on Kodi through features add-ons. To get access, all that you have to do is to install the Kodi application on your Fire TV or other streaming device and then set up the third-party add-ons for content access of your choice.

It is very easy to install the add-ons for Kodi sports in a few steps. In this article, we will discuss some of the top add-ons for viewing sporting events like baseball, American football, WWE, soccer, boxing, golf, cricket, tennis, Grand Prix, basketball, MMA, etc. On searching for add-ons, you can find many categories like Kodi Football add-ons, UFC Addons, Boxing Addons, NFL add-ons, WWE Kodi Addons, etc. Kodi is a popular platform for movies, sports, TV shows, and other international content. Find out How To Watch HBO On Kodi.

Top Kodi sports add-ons

WWE On Demand

If you are fond of the action-packed wresting, then WWE on demand would be your best partners in order not to miss this sporting action. For those who want to watch it on-the-go, there is no better option than using WWE On Demand on Kodi. You can view the whole matches and also the action replays of the major events.

cCloud TV

This is another on-demand sport streaming add-on. You may get a lot of international sporting content through this application. One can find a country-specific classification of sporting channels and choose the one needed from the list.


This is a top-rated add-on for sports, which is also rated as one among the top Kodi add-ons of all categories. You can find SportsDevil as an all-in-one sports platform that has something or other for every sports lover. The best part is that you will find a well-defined category for all such events, which makes it easier for the users to choose their favorite category.

VPNs for PS4

For those who are interested in sporting may also be interested in online gaming, especially the use of gaming consoles like PlayStation 4. While you use it for internet-based gaming, it is also ideal to have a VPN connection in order to ensure unlimited and safer access to gaming content. Here are some free VPN for PS4 options.

NordVPN – A wonderful VPN multi-purpose VPN option, which is not only easy to install, but also free to use. You can get access to servers at 60 locations, and it protects you with 256-bit AES encryption.

ExpressVPN – The No.1 VPN globally, which features access through around 1000 servers at about 94 locations across the globe. Using ExpressVPN, you can also get access to many geo-restricted games too.

IPVanish – It is considered as one of the handiest and neat VPN. Easy to set up and comfortable to use. IPVanish also features 256-bit encryption and IP masking etc.

Turbo VPN – It is a very fast and free VPN for PS4. However, they run free with ad support, which you can avoid with the premium app.

Hotspot Shield – This VPN has solutions for everyone. You can use a basic package for free and pay for premium version with many features like and by avoiding any ads.

Continuation of Kodi sports add-ons

Planet MMA

UFC and MMCA come at best with Planet MMA add-on. If you are also a follower of this, you can watch all the events as Contender Series, UFC Fight Night, Fight Night Live, and The Ultimate Fighter Series all on this channel.

USTVNow Plus

USTVNow offers easy access to top sporting actions for Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, and other sporting channels. You may easily install it by checking the installation guide and by following the instructions. Along with sports, there is also a lot of other general content available on this platform.

Some other choices in terms of Kodi sporting add-ons include Sportie, Halow Live TV, Pro Sport, Bennu, etc.

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