Top 6 WordPress Plugins to Enhance the Security of Your Website

You have a website and want to secure it? How to implement solid security measures? Plugins are basic elements of a WordPress website that give them extra functionality. Some fit the look of the posts. Some improve relevance to search engines. Some make the site more secure from hackers, bots and malware.

6 WordPress Plugins to Enhance the Security of Your Website in 2020

#1. Wordfence

As the name suggests, Wordfence is designed for WordPress security. It is one of the most triggered plugins with 150 million downloads. That’s because the free version contains all the things you need to protect your website.
It’s easy to use with a simple interface where you learn about the main threats and how to block them. Its firewall is located at the endpoint and unlike cloud services does not break the end encryption. In theory it can cause the site to slow down but there is no clear evidence of a delay or delay.

#2. All in One WP Security & Firewall

This plugin knows that not everyone has enough knowledge to manage a website backstage. They want to have a website without having to learn programming. The plugins are designed to vary the levels of expertise from beginners, intermediate and advanced. Evaluates site security and gives suggestions on how to increase it.

#3. Login LockDown

Brute force attacks bombard websites with information. Hackers can gain access to the site especially if they use usernames and passwords such as 1234 or passwords.
The plugin registers IP addresses for each connection. If there are more than three login attempts in 5 minutes, the plugin blocks those IPs from the login page for 1 hour. Fortunately, administrators can blacklist these IPs.

#4. Jetpack

Most WordPress users have Jetpack but not just for the security it offers. Created by Automattic, Jetpack offers accurate statistics, theme customization and an SEO tool. It also has spam filters and protection against brute force attacks. While the free version is not the best, the options it offers are ideal for beginners.

#5. Google Authenticator

Some plugins offer 2-factor verification but most do not. And yet this verification is unique to keeping the site safe. This is where Google Authenticator comes in.
With 2FA Anyone accessing the site should use some methods to access it. If you use your smartphone it may be your fingerprint scanner or Face ID. An alternative is to send a code to a registered device. The basic model is perfect for these functions but the paid version adds extra security measures.
In the end the free version is what everyone needs.

#6. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security offers a free or paid annual version where both are vital to websites. It is a plugin which has a firewall, backup and malware scanner. If someone logs in and forgets to open the session, BulletProof Security automatically closes the session so that strangers do not gain access to the open session.
It also offers a “Maintenance Mode” if you are working with the site and do not want visitors to see it in the meantime.

So getting to know more about these useful plugins you can increase the security of your WordPress website. The free version of the plugins shared above offers all you need but if you may need more advanced features, you may consider they’re premium version. Hope you found this article useful! Check daily for more posts like this!

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