Top 10 Providers of the Best Wireless Broadband Plans

Since the NBN was rolled out in Australia, internet broadband plans offer a wide range of services for every household. More than one hundred NBN providers offer lock-in contract discounts and other promotions. Aussies can find a lot of terrific wireless options on the road. As a guide, here are the top 10 providers of the best wireless broadband plans


Dodo Services Pty Ltd was founded by Larry Kestelman and Michael Slepoy in September 2001. The company offered car insurance, electricity, gas, VoIP, and wireless broadband services. Dodo features broadband subscriptions bundled with services that give value to your money. They also offer excellent customer support. Currently, Dodo offers unlimited data plans bundled with Fetch TV from $60 to $75 monthly.


Founded by Michael Malone and Michael O’Reilly, iinet started in a garage in December 1993. Initially offering dial-up services, it started switching to internet plans in the year 2000. This telco provides a consistent and impressive typical evening speed. As such, their customers are some of the most satisfied wireless broadband users in the country. Currently, iinet offers unlimited data plans with Fetch entertainment and a PayGo bundle for $74.99 to $89.99.


Tangerine was owned by Andrew and Richard Branson of the Virgin Group of Companies in 2013. It operates under the Telstra wing and was popularly known as budget Telstra. Tangerine provides WiFi subscriptions with competitive pricing and a 14-day free trial. Currently, Tangerine offers unlimited data plans with unlimited AU calls for $54.90 to $84.90.


Founded by Peter Stevens in 1996, Spintel initially offered dial-up services. It started offering wireless internet plans in 2007. The service covers 98.5 percent of the mainland as it operates under the Optus network. It is one of the cheapest wireless broadband plan providers in Australia. Currently, Spintel offers unlimited data plans with unlimited AU calls for $49.95 to $59.95.


Internode Systems Pty Ltd was founded by Robyn Taylor and Simon Hackett in 1991. It began offering NBN broadband plans in 2001. This telco was known for the best customer support. Currently, Internode offers unlimited data plans with Fetch entertainment and a PayGo bundle for $49.99 to $89.99.


Founded by brothers David and Mark Fazio together with Jonathan Dundovic in 2015, Mate offers cheap ADSL, mobile, and WiFi plans at cheap rates. It has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings among the Australian telcos. It was also the first one to offer a top value Premium plan at 100 Mbps. Currently, Mate offers unlimited data plans with a 1-month risk-free guarantee for $69.00 to $79.00.


David and Vicky Teoh merged the Total Peripherals Group with SP Telemedia in 1986 establishing TPG. It offers accounting software, internet access, mobile phone service, networking, and OEM services. It consistently received good grades in ACCC’s broadband speed testing. Currently, TPG offers unlimited data plans with PayGo calls for $59.99 to $79.99.

Southern Phone

Southern Phone was formed by New South Wales Council in 2002 to extend broadband plans in regional communities. It was a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offered low-cost broadband subscriptions. Southern Phone provides great internet speed with no lag and excellent customer support. Currently, Southern Phones offers unlimited data plans with unlimited Au calls for $60.00 to $85.00.


Founded by James Spenceley in 1996, iPrimus took over Australia’s 4th largest telco, AxiCorp. This telco offers a one-stop-shop for internet plans with cellular and voice services. It is also famous for the flexibility of options among its broadband subscriptions. Currently, iPrimus offers unlimited data plans with Fetch TV for $75.00 to $135.00.


SkyMesh started offering wireless broadband services in 2005. They have the biggest swag of wireless satellite plans on the market. SkyMesh is a life-saver for households in remote and rural locations in Australia. Currently, SkyMesh offers unlimited data plans with a 30-days rolling (no lock-in) period for $89.95.

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