8 Helpful Tips to Speed Up the Sale of Your Property

Ask anyone who has recently sold their home, and they’ll tell you that one of the most important selling points was taking the time to stage their home. When potential buyers are looking at a property, they don’t want to have to try too hard to imagine themselves living in it. Staging your home benefits you in multiple ways. It not only gives you the opportunity to pack up your furniture and clean every corner of your home, but it also lets the buyer see the home’s true potential from day one. That being said, staging is just one important aspect of getting your home ready for sale.

Here are eight helpful tips, aside from staging, to help you get your home ready for sale, and off the market as soon as possible.

#1. Make sure the pictures do it justice

As with any good business venture, you’ll want to represent your home at its best to not only display all of its charms but also to attract the right buyers. Unless you’re a professional photographer, don’t cut corners here. Hire some that know what they’re doing and you’ll end up making more in the long run.

#2. Research your competition

Your asking price is just as important as presentation. You don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot by asking for a price too low, but you also don’t want to outprice yourself from the maximum number of potential buyers. If you’re going through the selling process on your own, take the time to research how much houses are selling for in your area. If your house has additional perks like a pool or a great yard, make sure to factor that in. Pricing your home competitively can often work in your favor and lead to not only a quicker sale but one that gets you the most profit, too.

#3. Remove personal clutter

Your home has been great, and there are certain areas and memories that will be difficult to let go of. But you’ll want to remove everything personally from your home before you have strangers come look at it. Remember, they don’t want to hear what you’ve done with the place, they want to imagine what they can do with the place. It’s difficult to visualize your new home if you see pictures of other people or personal trinkets and décor covering the walls.

#4. Make those upgrades you’ve been putting off

While it may seem counter-intuitive to make upgrades to a house you’re going to sell, think of it like putting your absolute best foot forward in a job interview process. While a new suit might cost you more upfront, in the long run, this small investment will go a long way if you get the job. The same is true for your home.

While it may cost a decent amount to fix up your bathroom or renovate the yard, these small improvements can do wonders when it comes to your final sale price. Remember, your potential buyer won’t be wondering how the bathroom used to look, they’ll be excited by the tilework, scratch-free countertops, and incredible shower. Be proud of your renovations as if they were made for you, and you’ll most assuredly impress the buyer.

#5. Get social and share your property on multiple listing sites

According to VIP Realty, Selling your house is all about getting in front of the right eyeballs. And there’s no better way to get in front of tens of thousands of eyes at once than promoting your home on online realty and social media sites. Sure, pamphlets and open house signs are great for local people, but if you live in a hotbed area, you may have curious buyers looking to move from far and wide, and you’ll want your home to be on a shortlist when they get into town. Don’t be afraid to share your home as much as possible on your personal social media accounts, as well. Your friends will forgive your shameless plugging, I promise!

#6. Flood your home with light

Beyond basic cleaning, there are some psychological tricks you can employ to further attract buyers, courtesy of HGTV.com. The site recommends maximizing the light in your home because the light is something we all naturally want and need in our daily lives. They go into detail, as well, “take down the drapes, clean the windows, change the lampshades, increase the wattage of your light bulbs, and cut the bushes outside to let in sunshine.” This is a great example of interpreting your home through the eyes of a buyer.

Remember, they will be seeing your home for the first time, and you’ve potentially lived there for decades. Walk out of your house and come back in with a new perspective. How does your home make you feel? Remember, curtains and décor is all a personal choice, so rather than leaving what you’ve chosen up on the walls, let the light flood the room so a potential buyer can see what they will have to work with.

#7. Maximize your space

Again, it is important to think like a buyer, not a seller. What will you be looking for first when inspecting your new home? Make sure your furniture is arranged for maximum walkability that opens up each and every room. Clear out the closets and throw some of your clothes into storage so people can really see how much space they’ll have to work with.

Make sure the cabinets and drawers are empty in the kitchen, too. Will it be uncomfortable for a few days? Yes, but you’ll also really give buyers an honest glimpse into what it will mean to live in your home, and that’s the name of the game when it’s time to sell!

#8. Consider hiring a professional real estate agent

While there are certainly situations in our lives that we can handle on our own, real estate is rarely one of them, especially if you’re trying to maximize your profit margin. Of course, you can save a good deal of marketing money if you have some computer skills, and if you’re handy with tools, you can also save money by using your knowledge to make repairs that will cost much less to make.

There are many colliding factors that go into moving. If you want the process to move quickly, you need to have someone on your side that cannot only help you make the necessary renovations your home may need. You also need someone who understands bargaining when it’s time to talk money and knows how the escrow and commission process works like the back of their hand. This is another area where it’s much more beneficial to spend a little money in order to have a smooth, quick, and lucrative selling experience.

While the needs of your specific home will always be different than that of a curated list, hopefully, these tips have helped show you the intense amount of thought you must put into selling your home if you want to get it off the market quickly at a good price. Moving can be one of the biggest headaches we come across because you also have to try your best to understand another person’s intentions and demeanor, but the stress that comes with selling can certainly be diminished if you walk away with a quick offer above your asking prices.

Take the time to really sit down and walk through your home, see what areas of the home could use some love, fix all the small things like replacing burned out bulbs, dusting high ceilings, and deep cleaning the bathroom. Try your best to stay in a seller mindset, but view your home through the eyes of a buyer, and you will be out of your old home and into your new one in no time.

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