7 Tips To Deal With A Hit-And-Run Accident

Hit and run accidents are common and unfortunate because there is hardly anything that shocked and injured victim can do at that particular moment. Fortunately, it is still possible to claim compensation under the personal injury law if you take the right legal recourse. Besides being entitled to a compensation claim, you can even enforce criminal proceedings against the responsible party is identified. However, taking the right approach towards dealing with such cases is critical because even a single mistake can have the guilty party going unpunished and even unrecognized. Let us help you with some useful tips for dealing with a hit and run accident.

Pullover and get first aid

Since a hit and run accident can cause injuries, the first feasible action would be to get first aid. If you are in your own vehicle, pull over and seek help. Call the emergency number to get medics to attend to you. Timely medical help is critical to deal with serious injuries.  On the other hand, visit a medical caregiver if you sustain minor injuries or even feel unharmed. It is very important to have your injuries documented immediately to prove a rightful claim later on.

Take detailed notes if possible

When you get involved in a hit and run accident, it is natural to feel shocked and lose your senses for some time. But try to remain alert and gather as much information you can. Try and take notes of the make, model, and color of the car and the number if possible. Quick action like taking a picture of the vehicle can help you in tracing the culprit. Also, make sure that you take the pictures of the damage to your vehicle and note the extent of damage caused by the accident. If you feel too shocked, ask someone else to do this for you.

Notify the authorities

The next step should be to notify the authorities so that they can reach the spot as soon as possible. Timing is crucial because it maximizes the chances of the culprit being caught within a close distance to the accident location. Moreover, a police report is an important part of the documentation that you would later require while filing the claim.

Don’t try to chase the culprit

Even if you feel like chasing the culprit, don’t try to do it because this may not be good for you or your vehicle. If the driver is drunk, there are chances that he may cause more accidents on being chased. Dairn Shane from Preszler Law says that according to the Ontario Provincial Police, alcohol-related accidents account for one-fourth of all fatal car accidents in Toronto. A large number of these may be hit and run incidents. The best thing to do would be to concentrate on gathering details related to the accident and leave the rest to the authorities.

Strengthen your case with witnesses

When you lodge an official report or claim compensation under the personal injury law, you will need to make your case stronger. It would be a good idea to strengthen your case with the help of eyewitnesses. Look for people who were around when the accident occurred and get their contact details as you may need to connect with them later. This is something that victims often forget to do and are unable to gather enough evidence at the end of the day.

Contact your insurance provider

Besides calling the authorities to report the accident, you should contact your insurance provider as well. It is best if they document the damage as soon as possible because your accident may be treated as if done by an uninsured motorist. In this case, you will be entitled to claim compensation from your insurance company.

Hire an experienced attorney

While these tips are helpful to document the entire accident, getting legal help is something that is absolutely essential. Therefore, it becomes imperative to hire an attorney who specializes in such accident cases. A personal injury attorney is the best person for the job because he will make sure that you get the rightful compensation for the negligence of the culprit. Also read 4 tips for Do’s and Don’ts of successful personal injury lawyer marketing.

Though hit and run accidents differ from normal ones, they are to be handled with conviction because no one deserves to hurt victims and get away with that. Also, whether or not the culprit gets caught, the victim must surely be given compensation to cover the cost of injuries and loss of employment if the injuries happen to be grave.

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