5 Tips to Build a More Sustainable Business

In business today, it is important to consider the impact we have on our environment. There are things we do during our working week that can have consequences on the world we live in.

While there are plenty of methods to encourage sustainable practices as we go about our lives, it is also crucial to make sure our places of work are sustainable as well. Many offices built in the past might not be particularly eco-friendly, but concerned businesses are readily transitioning their office spaces to be greener.

If you are a business owner, these helpful tips may assist you in making your office more sustainable. Some of these tips may require renovations, which can be costly. To save big, it is not a bad idea to get your general contractors license if you want to take care of these renovations yourself.

Use the Sun

Most offices use electricity or gas to power their appliances. These appliances utilize a lot of energy as they are used quite frequently. However, the sun provides us with a boundless supply of energy that we can harness to power our buildings. When building or selecting an office space, consider designing it to harness the maximum amount of sunlight possible. Your windows can provide access for the sun to passively heat your space and use the daylight to your advantage. You can install solar panels as well, to generate renewable energy for years to come.

Collect Rainwater

From making coffee to using the bathroom, we use up a lot of water. Water is one of our most precious resources and reducing the amount we use can help the environment immensely. A great way to reduce water usage is by collecting rainwater. The rain recycles water from the land and sea, and we can utilize this water so that we do not waste more. Collect rainwater in tanks and you can use it for the bathroom or the kitchen! This way, you are bound to waste less water, leading to a more sustainable office.


Plants are a great decorative piece for any office’s interior. But did you know they also purify the air around you? By having multiple plants around the office, you can improve both the look and the atmosphere of your workspace simultaneously. Research what kind of plants are local to your area and decide which are right for your office. You’ll improve your office’s sustainability and your employees will find a sense of accomplishment in caring for your new leafy friends. Don’t forget to talk to them—it helps them grow!


Regulating the temperature of your office can be a tricky process. Some like it hot, some like it cold, and some just can’t figure it out. All are different, but one thing is the same—finding that temperature that is “just right” can be troublesome, wasteful, and costly. An easy solution is installing effective insulation in the office. Insulation will help regulate your office’s temperature. It can stop heat from passing in and out of the building, and is an easy and efficient way to make sure your workspace is just the right temperature at any time of the year.

Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

From printers to fax machines, we rely on our appliances to make everyday work a little easier. These appliances can use up a hefty amount of energy. Luckily, as society has moved forward there are now many appliances available that are energy-efficient. This means that they use less energy to do the same things as traditional appliances. Look up ‘greener’ appliances and find the right energy-efficient ones for your workspace to make the switch. Both you and the earth will be thankful you did.

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