5 Tips to Boost Your Ecommerce Store’s Twitter Following

Having a lot of Twitter followers can do wonders for your ecommerce business.

Not only will it be easier for you to do social selling, but you’d also be able to generate leads — and nurture them better — through your Twitter followers.

However, going from a hundred to having thousands of Twitter followers doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes careful planning, implementation, and the right strategies to have people start following you on Twitter.

To help you boost your engagement on social media and get people interested enough to follow you on Twitter, here are five tips that you can use.

1. Optimize your profile.

Your Twitter profile shows your audience your identity.

It can tell your audience what your business is about and what it can do for them. That is why it’s crucial for you to keep your profile up-to-date and professional-looking.

First, ensure that you use your logo for your profile picture or other images that represent your brand.

It’s the first thing that your followers will notice on your profile, and it appears alongside your username and tweets or posts.

Optimize your profileUsing your branded logo as your profile picture is a strategic way of promoting your business, raise your brand awareness, and draw the attention of your target audience.

Another crucial aspect of your profile is your bio.

The key is to keep it short and straightforward, but make sure that you have the essential information about your business – such as the link to your ecommerce website and a brief description of what your company does.

Here’s what the Tiffany & Co. Twitter profile bio looks like.  

Optimize your profile 2Adding essential details about your business in your bio helps promote your brand and gives your audience an idea about what you have to offer if they follow you.

Including niche-relevant keywords in your bio will also help your account appear on related search queries and makes it easy for more people to discover your profile.

2. Schedule your posts and tweets.

One of the best ways to stay relevant to your target market and build deeper relationships with your social media marketing audience is to post your content regularly.

However, knowing the BEST TIMES to post to get optimum engagement might be challenging, especially if you’re running multiple social media marketing campaigns on different social networks.

After all, if you post your content when your target audiences aren’t there to see it, then you’ll get less visibility, which leads to less traffic, engagement, and followers.

To achieve success, you’ll need a deeper understanding of social media marketing and what it involves – like audience interest and user behavior, among other things.

To optimize your audience engagement, you’ll need to know the best time to tweet, create relevant content, and schedule your posts.

With the help of social media account management web-applications like Circleboom, you can create your content for your Twitter account, set a schedule, and the tool will post your tweets for you.

Schedule your posts and tweetsThe tool also offers user analytics features to help you determine the best times to tweet.

This helps you set your posting schedule during strategic times that will get your ecommerce store maximum exposure and engagement.

You can streamline your content creation and tweeting process and free up some of your time to work on your other social media marketing campaigns.

3. Improve audience engagement by retweeting, replying, and tagging.

One of the best ways to improve your audience engagement is to show your followers that you care about what they think.

To do that effectively, you’ll need to be involved with your followers, fellow brands, and industry leaders.

Show your target audience that you’re more than just a faceless brand by tagging them, replying to their tweets, and retweeting their posts.

Wendy’s regularly sends out witty and funny replies to follower tweets, which is a great way of connecting with their audience while promoting the brand at the same time.

Improve audience engagement by retweeting, replying, and taggingYou can also shout out to other brands in your industry by tagging them in your tweets.

It’s a great way to connect with other brands and show your followers your authority in your industry and give them an idea of why they should follow you.

4. Post visual content

As much fun and entertainment your followers can get from your short and witty text-based tweets, adding visual content can make your posts, and any ecommerce marketing strategy you have in place even better.

The reason is simple: Users tend to retweet posts that have video and images in them because they can offer higher entertainment value for your followers.

Compared to solely textual tweets, a funny video or a brightly-colored image can easily grab the attention of your followers, which can mean more social engagement for your ecommerce store.

They’re also great ways to get them to pause and check out your content instead of just scrolling through.

Here are a few visual elements you can include in your Twitter content.

  • Colorful images. Images with colors that pop will always draw the eye of your followers to them. It’s the way humans are built, and you can use that to your advantage by adding a splash of color to your textual content.

Post visual content

  • Memes and GIFs. Using GIFs and memes in your tweets helps you relate with and connect with your followers because they’re popular and fun.  Weave your message and your brand into your memes to help your business become more relatable to your target audience.

There are all kinds of memes on the internet, from random memes to cybersecurity memes.

  • Quick “How-to” videos. Videos are excellent channels to showcase your products through demos and tutorials (among other things).

Tweeting ten-second clips are great because they’re short enough to keep the attention of your followers but long enough for you to squeeze in relevant details about your products.

Post visual content 2Whether you’re aiming to entertain or educate your audience, adding visual content to your tweets is one way of drawing in more followers for your ecommerce store.

5. Use relevant hashtags.

It can be easy to fall into the pitfalls of making social media fails in your efforts to gain more followers, but you can’t go wrong with using hashtags in your tweets.

Hashtags are powerful ways for you and the whole “Twitterverse” to connect.

To help you engage and attract new followers, you can add related, relevant, and branded hashtags to your tweets.

Think of hashtags as keywords, since your followers use them to find Twitter profiles and posts that have similar content.

Hashtags can also help your tweets stay relevant longer, allowing you to reach a wider audience beyond your ecommerce store followers.

To help you know the kind of relevant hashtags you can use to increase your Twitter engagement, you can use tools like RiteKit.

The tool’s RiteTag feature gives you hashtag suggestions for texts and images based on real-time hashtag engagement.

For instance, if you are selling dresses for women, type in the search box, and the tool will give you popular hashtag suggestions.

Use relevant hashtagsRiteTag will also show you Twitter hashtag analytics based on your keyword search, including the number of unique tweets, hashtag exposure, and retweets per hour.

hashtags managementBy using relevant hashtags in your niche, you can improve the searchability of your content and help more people find your profile through your tweets.

This helps your brand visibility, which helps boost your Twitter traffic and ecommerce store’s following.

Final Thoughts

Like all your social media marketing campaigns, amassing a huge Twitter following and boosting your audience engagement requires an investment of your time and effort.

Boosting your ecommerce store’s Twitter following can help increase your traffic, raise your brand awareness, and connect with your target audience.

Plus, more followers means you’ll have a wider reach and gain new audiences, which means you’ll have more opportunities to convert your followers into buyers.

If you learned something from this post, please share it with your network. Cheers!

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