5 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Digital Marketing

In order to be successful at digital marketing, you need to be quite active in following all the latest trends. Just because something has given effect so far doesn’t mean that you have to stick to it. Also, it doesn’t mean that these things couldn’t be done much better if you were to put in some extra effort. You see, the majority of changes in your digital marketing don’t require infrastructural alteration, which means that all you need to do is make a decision to implement them. For all those who are impatient to start making some positive changes, here are five things you can do today to improve your digital marketing.

1. Customize your messages on social media

Different platforms have different rules and demographics, therefore, they require different messages. Twitter nowadays allows 280 characters (in the past it was 140), which means that your message needs to fit that. Next, even though both YouTube and Facebook audiences favor videos, the YouTube audience has more patience and is more likely to consume longer pieces. When it comes to Facebook, 1 to 3 minutes is considered optimal, whereas on YouTube even a 30 minutes long video will do. When it comes to Instagram, gifs, loops and memes are the name of the game.

2. Present on all social networks doesn’t mean active across all of them

The next thing you should understand is the fact that there are simply too many social networks for you to be active on all of them. Sure, your website needs to have accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and even Pinterest, but you don’t need to use each of these networks every single day. To handle this issue much better, simply find the network that your target demographic uses the most and focus on it. Staying active here is paramount while posting on other platforms is optional (even though it’s recommended). This will help you achieve the best effect and not spend too much time doing so.

3. Freelance digital marketing can be quite effective

One of the biggest misconceptions about the modern world of digital marketing is that you need a massive team of experts in order to make a difference. However, there are more than a couple of benefits of handling things on your own or hiring a single person to tackle it for you.

First of all, it’s much cheaper to employ a freelancer and the end result may be more than satisfactory. One-on-one communication is more direct and the chances of miscommunication and misunderstanding are a lot lower. If you handle things on your own, you’ll have a much easier job creating the exact brand image that you envisioned. Regardless of what kind of synergy you had with that other party, it will never be the same. Even a simple guide on topics like SEO leads, can enable you to perform some of these tasks on your own.

4. Repurposing saves you an incredible amount of time

The same content in different formats is the holy grail of your content marketing strategy. You have written content, infographics, videos, memes, cartoons and podcasts to choose from. This gives you so many options, ranging from covering the same topic in different formats or picking an old piece of content and repurposing it. Also, different networks favor different formats anyway so why lag behind? Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube favor different formats so why not use the most effective one every single time?


5. Know what to watch out for to make things better

Sometimes just knowing that there’s a problem isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need to know exactly where the problem is and how to solve the problem. For this, you should start by conducting an audit of your website. Overall, there are three major indicators for you to watch out for. First, you should look for pages with visits but low conversions. Second, you need to identify pages with high bounce rates. Finally, set your eyes on pages that are nearly but not quite ranking on page 1. By introducing some slight SEO alterations to all of these pages, you should see massive results right away.


The business world always requires patience, yet, being too patient is not always a virtue. If you’re too patient and persistent on the wrong path, you might end up wasting a ton of time, effort and resources for nothing, or even worse, you can go through all of this and end up in a worse position that you started in. Fortunately, in the field of digital marketing, there are some methods that you can introduce right away and see them give immediate results. This way, you’ll have no doubt that you’ve done the right thing.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with eleven years of experience. He is a coauthor on several websites and a regular contributor to BizzMark Blog. Currently, he is working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.

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