Welcoming a New Generation to the Workforce: 5 Things Every Employer Needs to Know About Generation Z

Generation Z is made up of those individuals born after the millennials. Some define this generation as those born after 1995, while others say it’s those who are born after 2001. Regardless of the date, people from this generation are beginning to enter the workforce, and they aren’t like the millennials.

It’s crucial for employers to “figure out” this generation to learn to hire and retain talent. Some crucial information about this generation and what they expect can be found here.

#1. Frequent Feedback Required

When trying to hire individuals from a new and somewhat unknown generation, it’s crucial to learn about your candidates including what they like, dislike, and expect. One such expectation is frequent feedback. While this is true, it doesn’t mean they require a lengthy review each year, or even one on a week-to-week basis. For most, quality, quick check-ins are enough.

#2. Security is a Must

Many people from Generation Z witnessed their parents go through difficult economic times. This means they are searching for a job that offers stability and security. In fact, for this generation, those qualities more valued than having a job with “meaning.”

Also, unlike millennials, individuals from Generation Z are more willing to start at the bottom and work their way up the ladder. All they want in return is job security.

#3. Generation Z is an Extremely Competitive Generation

Kids from Generation Z were raised by parents from Generation X. These are the adults who had to compete in an extremely tough economy, which is one of the main reasons people from this generation are so independent and competitive.

Millennials were well known for their “group project” and collaborative work styles. This is not the case for Generation Z. These workers are most likely going to prefer to work alone.

#4. They Want the Opportunity to Personalize Their Jobs

This is a generation of individuals who have been catered to since they were born. They have been allowed to personalize everything from their tennis shoes to their soft drinks. This level of personalization has led them to expect this from a job or career as well.

Employers need to consider this when they are creating a new job opening or trying to fill an old one. The more customization and flexibility that a company can offer these workers the more satisfied they are going to be in the position.

#5. The Generation of Entrepreneurs and Employees

The idea and ability to start their own side business is something that appeals to Generation Z’s need for financial security. Most of these workers are going to have some side hustle going on. Employers need to figure out at what point they draw the line, if necessary. If possible, employers should try to harness their worker’s entrepreneurial spirit to help their company create new divisions, products, or ideas, and then provide financial rewards.

Creating the Ideal Workplace for Generation Z

As individuals from Generation Z enter the workforce, now is the time for businesses to consider how they can best cater to the needs of these individuals. Unlike Millennials, those from Gen Z want different things from their job, and now is the time for employers to figure this out to ensure they can attract and keep top talent. The information here offers a great starting point, but there are other factors to consider, too, so don’t forget to do additional research.

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