The Importance of Temperature Control Monitoring of Goods in Transit

Massive trucks, trains, and even planes are used daily to transport goods from one side of the country to the other. In fact, there are nearly 50,000 registered freight transport businesses across the country with an 8.8% increase in volume during 2018.

The figures are likely to rise and emphasize the importance of looking after goods in transit.

There are many ways of monitoring and checking goods during transport but temperature monitoring has become a popular choice, and for good reason.

Fresh Produce

Consumers are increasingly demanding the very best seasonal fruit to be at their doorstep less than 24 hours after picking. This helps them retain their freshness, taste, and nutritional quality.

Unfortunately, in order to ensure they are as fresh as possible, the fruit needs to be shifted in refrigerated lorries, keeping it cool is essential to providing the best quality fruits and veg.

The better the temperature is regulated the fresher the produce. In the past, the temperature of the truck was monitored and a report was created to confirm it had stayed within parameters during transit.

However, this would arrive after unloading had been completed, when there was little that could be done about a delivery that hadn’t been stored properly.

Temperature Tracking

Newer technology allows every consignment to have a sticker attached. This sticker has a color dot in the middle. The parameters of the sticker are set for the temperature range you wish the produce to stay within. If the temperature moves outside this range the dot will change color, alerting the waiting consumer that the produce hasn’t been kept in the best condition.

Including temperature tracking on parcels and produce has made delivery services more thorough about the maintenance of their vehicles, ensuring the temperature doesn’t drop outside of the designated range.

Advancements in Real-Time

If the temperature monitors are included in a GPS tracker then the waiting consumer can actually monitor the temperature in real-time as the lorry is driving. This doesn’t just help to ensure the produce are well looked after, it means any issues can be tracked and identified.

It’s Not Just Food

While food is the most obvious benefactor of temperature control technology it’s not the only industry that benefits. Communications and electronics will also appreciate this temperature monitoring technique.

Electronics tend to be sensitive to temperature changes. You can add a temperature tracker to any parcel and be certain that it remained within its parameters throughout the journey.

Other Checks

While temperature is important it is worth noting that there are other items that can be checked with modern technology, such as whether a parcel was dropped, squashed, or even angles at a specific degree.

All of these advancements help to make the delivery service more accountable and improve the way parcels are looked after during transport.

Doing this properly can save hundreds of issues and create happy customers. That’s all that any good business wants and is easier to achieve than they may have thought possible.

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