The Dramatic Changes To The iPhone X Have Been Revealed


The talk about the new iPhone X began long before the phone was ever released. Once the phone was in the hands of the users, it became immediately obvious that Apple has completely changed the interface of the iPhone. Many people are wondering how the iPhone will function since both the TouchID and home button have been eliminated by Apple. Ever since the first iPhone was released, these features have been standard. Some new leaks regarding the iPhone have provided the answers.

The user interface is using the new principles included in the Apple’s Xcode tool. The 9.1 beta version has recently been released, and supports all of the new operating systems. This includes the tvOS 11.1, the watchOS 4.1, and theiOS 11.1. These are the operating systems that must be focused on because they explain the new user interface necessary for iPhone X. In order for Apple to provide the same gestures as the classic interface, they have changed the basic technology of the iPhone.

Right at the bottom of the iPhone X screen is a little horizontal line. This is called the home indicator. This is the visual element showing what can happen in this section of the user interface. When the phone is on the lock screen, this line will smoothly move up and down. This is an indication there is a function capable of taking place right there. This function is the unlocking of the iPhone with the use of a slide. This is not difficult to figure out as the screen reads swipe up to open.

When the swipe is made with a fast, short motion, the iPhone X will automatically go to the home screen. When the slide is long, and moving in an upward direction, the task manager will open. These motions are similar to the movements used on a touchscreen computer. When the user wants to talk with Siri, the power button is pressed for a few seconds. To open the notifications and the control center, the user must use the top of the screen to make their swipe. Since these actions are new, and may appear complicated to the users, the iOS software package has included a tutorial video to help the users become familiar with these movements.

The new look of the iPhone user interface has become a lot more like the interface found on the iPad than previous versions of the iPhone. Rounded corners have been used on the dock, and this picks up both the curving of the corners located at the display’s edge, and the icon’s classic squircle appearance. The look is good, and these features are a definite match.

There has been a lot of talk about the notch in the iPhone X, because although it gives the phone a unique silhouette, the smoothness of the user interface is definitely disrupted. There is no control center icon located on the right hand side, and this is intended as another visual clue a downward swipe is required just to the right of the status bar. This will provide access, but the side on the left is where the notifications are now located.

These specific gestures have been used in numerous smartphones including the 2013 Jolla smartphones powered by the Sailfish OS, and the 2011 Nokia N9 powered by MeeGo. The gestures are completely new for the iPhone X, and the users are going to have to first learn, then begin using these gestures. For individuals used to switching between different types of smartphones, this will not present a problem. Users who have always used an iPhone are going to find this more of a challenge. The expectations are the demo included will prevent any serious frustrations regarding the new system.

This means yet another new interface must be handled by the iOS developers. There is now the design for the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone SE. This does not even touch all the different styles and sizes available in the iPad Pro tablets. The positive side is the developers of Androids have been dealing with all kinds of issues for numerous years, so there should not be any major glitches with the new user interface.

The common opinion is Apple is beginning to move away from what was once a standard iPhone, and embracing the Android technology. Their new software and hardware more closely resembles an Android system than any of the previous versions of the iPhone.

Not enough time has passed to determine if the new iPhone X will be a success. Some individuals are already delighted with the new user interface, while others do not understand why Apple changed the concept of a phone that has been successful for many years.

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