The Digital Revolution: 7 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Fax to the Cloud

Countless businesses across the globe have made the move to cloud-based faxing solutions and found they obtained many benefits when doing so.  This solution eliminates a company’s dependence on manual faxing and improves overall business efficiency. Paper-based faxes leave the business exposed to compliance and security risks while in-house fax server systems come with their own issues. They require IT resources that may be used for other purposes. Cloud-based fax solutions require no system maintenance or managed phone lines.

A company may first look into cloud-based faxing as a novelty. They decide to try this modern solution only to discover it meets their needs in a variety of quantifiable ways. In addition, making the transition to this fax option saves money while boosting service flexibility and fax functionality. What are some benefits associated with cloud-based faxing solutions such as

No Maintenance

Companies often find their employees spend large blocks of time maintaining a physical fax machine. Tasks employees carry out relating to the machine include purchasing infrastructure, installing it, maintaining the system, and expanding it as needed. These tasks become a thing of the past when a company switches to cloud-based faxing, or online faxing.

Customers never know a company has made this switch, as it happens seamlessly. Furthermore, this faxing solution allows for scalability at levels previously unseen. The fax provider remains responsible for ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations, leaving clients to focus on those tasks only they can carry out. This helps to grow the business, as customers are getting the attention they deserve while business operations continue without a hitch.

Eliminate Downtime

Business owners find choosing the right cloud-based faxing solution eases their minds when it comes to downtime. Reputable providers strive for 99 percent uptime. As long as the business has internet access, they can send and receive faxes. Outages remain very rare when it comes to this service. On-premise fax solutions interfere with normal business operations when the internet is done or the power is out. This becomes less of a concern when a cloud-based solution is used. If the user is working from a mobile device, they may rely on data to ensure the paperwork is sent or received in a timely manner.

Businesses find they can scale the fax service to meet their needs at any given time. For example, an accounting firm likely uses its fax machine more during tax season. However, buying multiple fax machines that will only be used a few months of each year doesn’t make sense. The firm can turn to a cloud fax service and send and receive documents without delay. People won’t spend time waiting around a machine to fax documents, as they often had to do in the past.


Older individuals remember the days when people would line up at a fax machine waiting for their turn to send or receive a document. This isn’t a concern with cloud-based solutions. Multiple people can send and receive faxes simultaneously with no loss in functionality. When physical fax machines are used, phone lines capacity must be considered.

To prevent this from happening, the business would need to invest in additional server components, phone lines, and more. A business doesn’t need to spend the money on these items when cloud-based systems are available anywhere a person goes. The system won’t fail from overload either because cloud-based providers have measures in place to ensure this isn’t the case.


People spend significant quantities of time on the go now. They aren’t chained to a desk, as the global pandemic of 2020 showed the world. Thanks to the fast pace of life today, people need access to work tools wherever they go. The cloud-based faxing solution allows men and women to send or receive a fax regardless of where they are. A working internet connection is all they need to handle their paperwork from their home, their car, or on top of Mount Everest.

Save Space

When a company switches to cloud-based fax service, they free up valuable space in the office for additional people, new devices, and more. Fax machines tend to be bulky devices, and that space could be better used for other purposes. Furthermore, many businesses today are allowing their employees to continue working from home. However, no employee wants a work fax machine taking up space in their residence. They won’t have to with the help of this cloud-based solution.

The machine isn’t the only concern when it comes to space in an office. A business must keep a hard copy of documents when a physical fax machine is used. The switch to a cloud-based service eliminates this issue, as the documents are stored on the cloud. The amount of space a company has for storing these documents depends on the provider selected, as each provider determines which plans they want to offer.

Environmentally Friendly

Cloud fax services allow companies to reduce their carbon footprints. Companies no longer need to have hard copies of documents, as everything can be handled electronically. Toner isn’t needed to operate the machine, and physical fax machines won’t need to be manufactured. Companies find they can protect the environment, which is of great importance to many consumers. When it shares this information with the target audience, the company might find sales increase.

Save Money

Business owners save money when they make the switch to cloud faxing. Doing so eliminates paper, toner, and ink costs. Maintenance is handled by the fax service provider and the cost of this maintenance is spread across all users. Conventional fax machines can cost thousands of dollars to purchase. Maintenance costs add more to the company’s expenses. Although providers charge a fee for using the service, business owners find they save money over the long run when they replace conventional fax machines with a cloud-based alternative.

If your company continues to make use of physical fax machines to send and receive documents, it’s time to look at cloud-based solutions. As there are many benefits associated with this service, no harm will be done by checking it out. Once a business owner sees how a cloud-based faxing service can move the company forward, they’ll be ready to make the switch. Doing so is a wise move, so be sure to check this option out today. 


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