Temp Agencies and Ways to Join

If you are interested in doing part-time work, it is best if you join a temp agency because a temp agency like SCION will give you more benefits than applying directly to a particular company.

Temp agencies will provide free skills training and will provide jobs that match your skills with free placements.

Also, temp agencies have more job opportunities and the selection of schedules provided is very flexible.

What is Temp Agency?

Temp Agency or temporary agency is a recruitment agency that serves job seekers to be later employed in various positions for a limited time from other companies based on their expertise.

Agency temps will usually look at job seekers from their experience and expertise to be matched with job descriptions from companies that require these prospective employees.

If their experience and expertise match, the agency will then assign and hire them to the company.

Only after being assigned, they will be given a schedule, salary level, and an estimated length of time the work will last.

Even though they have been employed at a certain company, technically they still work for that temp agency.

This is what distinguishes a temp agency from a regular HR department, where all the salaries they will receive will be given by the temp agencies.

After their contract with the company is over, generally these temp agencies will assign them a new temporary job.

Ways To Join Temp Agencies

For those of you who want to join a temp agency like SCION, the process is almost the same as looking for a regular job in that you have to apply, going through various stages such as interviews and a testing process.

After submitting your application, our recruiter will review your information and determine whether you are a good fit based on your job placement skills.

For SCION itself, our focus areas are in five different areas namely Corporate, Nonprofit, Information Technology (IT), Medical / Healthcare as well as national executive search which includes Executive Leaders, Department Leadership, and other specialties.

After going through various stages, then we will help you to perfect your application and provide training such as skills training.

Then recruiters from temp agencies will assign jobs that are suitable for you and will guide you through the job description to see if you are comfortable with the job or not for your consideration.

If you are willing to do the job, the recruiter will present you and your application to the hiring manager and then find a job from the company of choice that suits your expertise.

At SCION itself, many companies have worked with us because we are proven executive search experts providing unmatched reach.

Our work has also been recognized by Business Times for over fourteen years running and is listed as part of the Best Executive Hiring Companies in the World and the US by Forbes.

That’s because we will do our best to recruit you and turn you into an executive leadership candidate that fits the strategic and market needs of the company.

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