10 Styling Ideas for University Students

In university, having a great style is the key to gaining popularity. Men’s fashion can be just as interesting and exciting as women’s fashion in today’s world. 

The availability of high-quality online shopping for men has made curating a well-curated men’s wardrobe even easier. Here are ten creative ways to dress up for university. So, let the festivities begin.

1. Score big in athleisure outfits:

Athleisure outfits is a type of fashion that combines athletic wear with lounge elements. It’s the easiest way to achieve the sporty look that gives you hangout vibes with friends. Apart from a sporty look, this type of outfit is best to get relaxed, nonchalant, and comfortable feelings during classes.

Athleisure looks consist of pretty simple clothing, including joggers, leaver hoodies, t-shirts, and tees. You can also add accessories like headphones, canvas shoes, sporty watches, baseball caps, and classic sneakers to take your look to the next level. You can also wear sporty soccer shirts to look cool and casual at your university.

2. Sweaters and sweater shirts:

Sweater and sweater shirts are the outfits that turn a normal college-going guy look like an adult. You can wear sweaters over an untucked shirt with trousers and complete your look with converse shoes. 

If you have a presentation at university, then add glasses to your look. Prefer to wear sweaters of brighter colours like forest green, burnt orange, cranberry red, cobalt blue, and mustard yellow. If you want to attain a decent look, we recommend you try this one.

3. Denim shirts:

Denim shirts, pasta, and jackets are common and almost available in all markets. Demin fabric is available in various styles, patterns, and designs. So in the life of a university student, denim is a fabric that can’t be ignored.

You can wear a blue denim jacket with a white t-shirt to attain a cool university student look. You can even elevate your look with a classic pair of sunnies or sneakers.

4. Wear Chinos:

Chinos are an excellent bottom-wear choice for college students. It provides the right amount of casual and crisp. They’re super stylish in more colourful options like coral and sage green and chic neutral hues like black, beige, tan, and grey trousers. 

To express your youthful liveliness, pair colourful chino half-pants with a simple t-shirt, preferably wear pastel hue. This menswear look is absolute charmer, styled with canvas shoes, a light jacket, and a warm laugh.

Pair khaki chino trousers with a relaxed t-shirt in a darker hue for a sleek, contrasting look. Ray-bans and loafers round out this outfit perfectly. Put those files in your bag, and you’re ready to take on the day at college.

5. Leather Jacket:

Leather jackets are best to wear to achieve a bad boy look that university girls adore. To look cooler, combine a monochromatic look with contrasting all-white sneakers.

A tan-coloured moto jacket is a more striking option than an all-black t-shirt and jeans outfit. This outfit idea is suave, dapper, and positively dripping with ‘bad boy’ appeal, so you’ll fit right in with the biker gang.

6. Printed polo shirts:

Colourful plaid prints are great for layering over polo t-shirts or men’s designer t-shirts because they are cool and casual. You can also wear polo shirts as workwear with the company logo if you are an owner of a small student association owner. To have that super approachable vibe, go for more colorful patterns rather than neutral ones.

Dress it up with a guitar and laced up shoes. With this impeccable style, you’ll be ready to build a following of admirers at your college in no time.

7. Varsity jackets for the interscholastic look:

Varsity jackets are an obvious choice for a cool collegiate experience. This season’s most popular style was designed to show off your college spirit. This is a college classic for cool athletes and those with a footballer’s soul.

Over a striped t-shirt, a varsity jacket looks even better. Classic varsity elements include an embroidered letter, patterned rib on the leg irons, lapel, and contrast buttons.

Get your college to create a varsity jacket with its emblem, a menswear magnum opus for college students. To express your sense of belonging, have the letters or logo of your college embroidered over a plain one. Varsity jackets will provide you with a classic experience.

8. Hoodies with plain pants:

As a college student, you can probably attest to the winter-like temperatures in your lecture halls and theatres.

As a result, bring a hoodie, jacket, or cardigan to class to avoid getting cold.

They can serve as a fashion statement and showcase your sense of style in addition to keeping you warm and toasty in class.

Aside from jeans, it’s important to have a variety of comfortable pants for everyday wear appropriate for our hot and humid climate.

When going to class, khaki pants or cotton or polyester pants are useful and comfortable. 

9. Three-piece suits:

Formal attire is required for days when you have a presentation or an interview.

To look presentable, wear a suit, a crisp collared shirt, a tie, and black or dark brown formal shoes if you’re a man. If you’re a female student, choose a pantsuit or skirt suit in dark colours like black, navy, or dark grey.

10. BnW mojo has calmed down.

Neutrals are prevalent in men’s fashion, but they are also common. They don’t have to be bland and unnoticeable, though. A black and white comparison has all of the benefits of a neutral palette, such as being universally wearable and flattering but without blending in.

The contrast between black and white is striking, bold, and timeless. Whatever outfit idea appeals to you the most, keep in mind that they will all look extremely awesome and innovative in a black and white colour scheme.

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