Some of The Different Types of Metals You Can Recycle

Many of us collect junk around our homes and places of work, which we often throw away, even though we could sell it to make some money. We all need to start recycling more. It is common for us to recycle plastics and other materials, but we need to start recycling more metals. You can accumulate and recycle various metals by selling them to scrap dealers, and you can make a bit of cash in the process. Below are some of the different metals you may have laid around that you can consider taking to the scrap dealers and seeing their worth.


Copper is a common metal used in many things, and if you have recently had the pipes changed in your home or place of work, you can sell the old copper pipes. You will need to find scrap yards such as the Austick copper recycling center in Sydney to take it to. Most importantly, check what prices they offer before taking it to them. If you are happy with the price they offer, take all your old copper pipes and cabling and sell it to them for quick cash.


You may have old things that are made from iron around your home or workplace that are gathering dust. If this is the case, you may want to consider selling them to a scrap dealer and seeing what you can get for them. You may have an old table or chairs made from cast iron or an old garden gate. Whatever you have that is made from iron, it is an excellent idea to recycle it to be reused, and you will benefit from having some money in your pocket.


Steel can also be quite valuable, so if you have a significant weight of it, you will want to consider selling it to your local recycling centre to get some money for it. However, the value of the steel will depend on its quality, as you can get this metal in varying qualities. You may also find that some recycling centres are reluctant to take low-quality steel, as this is worth much less, so it is not viable for them to recycle.

Precious Metals

If you have any old jewellery that you no longer use or broken, you can also consider selling it for some cash. You will need to take it to a precious metals dealer, who will accept gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other metals. You may not get a fortune for it, but if you never use it or it is broken, it is better to get some money for it and put that to good use.


You can also recycle aluminium, and you will find various items made from this lightweight metal, such as beer and soda cans. However, as the metal is so light, you will need to collect many of them to get any significant value. Some charities collect these, so you can consider donating your aluminium to them and let them earn much-needed funds. You can do your bit for the environment by making sure they are recycled while also giving to a worthwhile cause. 

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