Solar Powered Water Pump Trouble Shooting- Short Guide

Solar water pumps are designed to use DC electric power from modules of photovoltaic to lift water. This water can be used for farms, drinking, gardens, irrigation, domestic use, and for other applications.

These pumps do not need electricity to lift power that’s why it is better to use them in the areas where there is no source of power supply. Without overheating, these pumps work well in dim light as they do in bright light. Positive volumetric mechanisms are used in these low volume pumps to lift the water.

You can produce 2,100 gallons of water per day from one solar pump of 120 Watt. These pumps are easily available in the markets at the cost of $235.

But these solar water pumps have some issues. In this article, we will resolve all these issues so that you can easily use your solar-powered fountain.

1. Pump

The pump is the main reason due to which the fountain stops working. It is necessary to clean the pump at regular intervals so that it will not stop and works properly. No matter, whether it is a solar pump or not it needs to be cleaned.

Pumps are clean but the different particles that water includes are enough to make them dirty. When you buy the pump, it comes with a filter that keeps it clean for a long time. But after a specific period, this filter also becomes dirty and does not work properly.

In this case, you can strip down the pump to clean it. To clean the internal parts of the pump you can use a small piece of cloth or an old brush to make sure that all the dirt is removed.

If you do not have a brush then you can use a drop of WD40 to clean the shaft and impeller. It will not just clean these parts but also increase their performance.

2. The pump to panel test

It is the best way to check how much power is produced by the panel and with what level water is lifting upward. You can also test whether your batteries are working properly or not.

From both the pump and the panel disconnect the battery unit. Then from the pump connect the lead to the panel directly. In this way, the panel power directly goes to the pump. This increases the effectiveness of the system.

Make sure that the pump is clean to expect that it starts working when it is exposed to direct sunlight. Also, the pump should be close to the surface of the water.

3. Pump Storage

The performance of a solar-powered water pump depends on how you keep it. It will last longer and work efficiently if the pump is clean. It is very easy to clean the pump.

All you have to do is to strip it down and thoroughly clean it. With the help of a wrench, you open its different parts like shaft and impeller.

To clean these parts, you can use a small piece of cloth or an old brush. After that properly oil the pump to make sure that it is completely ready to use.

4. The battery

It is the main part of the system where is the power is stored. If you feel that there is a problem with the battery then first do the pump to panel test.

After that, check that all the internal connections are connected or not. Carefully read the manual, so that inside the battery box you can properly connect the terminals of the battery.

Also, completely check the box to make sure there is no other corrosion or damage that can affect the performance. The battery box is waterproof and has the power to work properly in all weather conditions.

5. Charge

Your pump will not work properly if the battery is not charged. The main reason is that panel may be placed in a shady area from where it can not take energy from the sun.

To test the batteries, first, switch off them and place in a shiny area and leave them for 2 to 3 days to charge properly. After the time is over you can switch on the batteries and start the pump.

If the pump starts working then it means it’s only the charging issue but if it does not start then replace your batteries.

6. The Solar panel

Solar panels are the most effective and reliable parts of the whole system. If any error occurs in the pump then it will never be because of panels. You can easily place them anywhere.

But make sure that the place in which you keep the panel is covered with sunlight. Because lighting is the only thing that panel needs and you can fulfill this need by placing it in a sunny area.


These are some errors that can occur in a solar-powered water pump. You can easily overcome these errors by following the steps properly. Take some time to clean the pump so that it keeps working efficiently. Make sure to use a piece of cloth or brush for cleaning.

Because with other things pump will not get clean properly. There will remain some dirt in it. Moreover, select a sunny area to place the panel. So that system works efficiently and you get the desired output.

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