Small Business Benefits of Cloud Computing

Competing With Big Businesses

An international corporation like IBM will spend billions on computer systems intended to be used for a prescribed period of time. But as they expand, their costs do as well, making upgrade less beneficial. For this reason, it can take large operations a long time to adopt new tech trends.

Meanwhile, for Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs), scaling up to the cloud is a relatively straightforward endeavor. It can be challenging, and there are associated costs; but potential benefits commonly outweigh them. Through cloud computing, a small business can surrogate tech hardware typically only available to enterprise-level operations.

Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a handful of tech people and the equipment they manage, you pay a subscription fee every month for the cloud and get the same IT potential as your enterprise competitors. Many cloud computing solutions are out there, following we’ll examine a few ways cloud computing could specifically benefit SMBs.


Cloud computing allows you to essentially “outsource” your operation. Say you’re a new startup running some popular app. You’ve got six or seven people in an office or basement running primary operations, but you’ve got digital software engineering, management, or coding requiring fifty or sixty workers for proper sustainability.

Instead of renting out an office, you could use BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) protocols with a cloud-floated desktop interface. Essentially, the network of your business is located on the cloud, and so work can be done remotely from wherever a user happens to have proper access credentials and a trusted internet connection.

This can cut rental costs, equipment costs, software costs, travel costs, maintenance costs, and many others from your IT overhead. Altogether, you give your startup the productivity profile of a bigger business, while maintaining your small size. You get more profit at less cost, essentially. Your business is “decentralized”.

As A Service Options

You don’t have to totally outsource your IT infrastructure to benefit from the cloud, however. You can simply use the cloud for certain convenient functions, keeping other proprietary operations internal.

Software as a Service is available, as is Desktop as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and many other similar functions. If you’re managing apps and fixing software issues, Papertrail has logging as a service. Lastly, there’s Disaster Recovery as a Service, or DRaaS. That’s a very important cloud option.

Disaster Protection And Security

DRaaS essentially outlines backup solutions, and helps you get back online as swiftly as feasibly possible in the wake of a disaster. Failover and business continuity benefit greatly from DRaaS. Cloud computing provides disaster safeguards that aren’t located on-site, allowing you to have backups even should you use central hardware.

In addition to that, cloud providers must have secure options for diverse clientele, and in a way that is competitively viable. This means they have a core operational prerogative built around securing what they produce, and ensuring the data they’re responsible for is likewise secure.

Accordingly, they’ll have cutting-edge security available where the same solutions internally would stress your SMB’s operational budget.

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Keeping Pace With A Shifting Tech Environment

Some SMBs are in a greater position to benefit from cloud computing solutions than others; it all depends on your business. Between “as a Service” options, disaster protection, security, and decentralization potential, there are many things that can increase your operation’s potential while reducing operational costs.

Cloud computing has made it possible for relatively humble businesses to maintain high levels of profit. Furthermore, it is becoming an increasingly central part of modern society.

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