7 Skills That Will Make You a Better Car Salesperson

When it comes to selling cars for a living, it’s important that you have the skills that are necessary to meet your quotas each month. You don’t even need experience in the auto industry in order to be a good car salesperson. Instead, all you need are these seven essential skills to keep your customers coming. 

  1. Being Adaptable

A good car salesperson needs to be adaptable because every customer you deal with is going to be different. It can help to have some Dealership phone training as well as speaking to someone in person, but either way, you’re going to be flying by the seat of your pants in every conversation. There’s a big difference between a first time buyer and someone buying their fourth vehicle. 

  1. Having Knowledge Of The Product

You don’t have to walk around with a lot of knowledge in your head, but you should know the basics of some of the products you’re selling. You should know what the models are, the colours available, and what options the customers can choose from. 

  1. Being Accessible To The Customer

It is very easy to lose sales if you’re not available to a customer on the phone or in the showroom. If you’re receiving communications from a customer several times a day and you don’t respond to any of them, then you’re likely to lose out on sales. Return calls and answer emails as soon as possible; customers pay attention to this and will keep it in mind in the future if they need to purchase another vehicle. 

  1. Maintaining Skills And Consistency

You have to be on top of your game all the time. Slumps happen on occasion but allowing it to happen every week won’t get you any bonuses. Being consistent at your game will also lead you to promotions because the higher-ups will see how dedicated you are to the work.


  1. Open Your Ears

One of the most essential tools you have as a car salesman is your ears. Listening is key to providing the customer exactly what they want so that they’re more likely to purchase from you in the future. Listening is also more than just hearing; it’s also paying attention to body language, gestures, and reactions to certain words. 

  1. Being Organized

Nothing is more irritating to a customer than being forgotten about, and that’s easy to do if you’re not keeping your workspace organized. Keep track of referrals, appointments, follow-ups, and phone calls so that you can handle all of your customers in calendar order. 

  1. Being Personable

Being good at your job also means being able to talk to your customers without talking down to them. It should feel like a normal conversation, not a forced sales pitch that makes the customer feel like another statistic. You should be able to connect with the customer on a one-on-one basis. Talk to them like you’re talking to a friend. 

As you can see, you could learn all the tricks in the world when it comes to sales, but the skills you need the most are the ones you’re probably already equipped with. Putting them to good use will get your customers to trust your word and may end up being repeat customers in the future.

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