Six Tips for Healthcare Recruiting

The first thing you think about when considering using a healthcare establishment is whether the medical staff are suitably qualified to look after your health. However, the real question is whether the practice is qualified to look after you.

If you check out this handy npi lookup solution tool you’ll find an easy way to verify the status of a medical facility, if the facility isn’t properly licensed then it doesn’t matter whether the staff are or not.

If you’re recruiting healthcare professionals then this can actually be an incredibly useful tool:

Checking Data

Potential candidates will always provide you with a CV that summarizes who they’ve worked for and the training they’ve received. This is an important document and one that is surprisingly easy to exaggerate.

But, using the above system you can verify the status of the facility they previously worked in, ensuring it was properly licensed and has had no issues. This will help you to confirm the suitability of the applicant in front of you.

Advertise The Role

This seems obvious but the most effective way to get the right person for the job is to advertise what you actually need. This means listing the vacancy and the skills required. It will make it much easier to distinguish the viable candidates from those that aren’t.

Looking Good

The power of the internet means that any potential employee will probably have spent as long looking at what you’re offering as you’ve spent looking at them.

That means, way before you start recruiting healthcare professionals, you need to work on your employer branding. You need to be a place where people want to work. This includes checking your status with the npi lookup solution.

Check Benefits

Competition for healthcare roles is generally fierce but that doesn’t mean you can get away with offering a poor package. Take a look at the benefits you’re offering and compare them to what others are offering. This will help to ensure you have a competitive package that will attract the best possible candidates.

Make It Easy

Potential employees need to be aware that they have a vacancy. This means looking at a variety of options for advertising. Remember, we live in a digital age which means that digital means and social media are an essential advertising tool.

Of course, advertising internally is also a good idea but the wider you spread the net the more likely you are to find the perfect candidate for your needs.

Be Aware

Advertising is great but that doesn’t mean the best potential worker is going to find you. It’s important to keep tabs on who is doing well and approach key staff if necessary.

The perfect candidate may not be actively looking for a new role but that doesn’t mean they won’t be available if you ask them, with the right package.

It’s essential to illustrate the benefits of working with you in order to get the best possible staff.

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