Six Advantages of Having a Regular Preventive Maintenance Schedule

If you purchase or own an older vehicle, regular maintenance might be something you do when you need it because proactive repairs and upkeep might seem too expensive or something the car does not really need yet. If you purchase or own a new vehicle, you might not engage in regular maintenance because a new car can go a long way without requiring anything. However, by foregoing preventive maintenance, you actually diminish the worth and functionality of the car even when it is brand new.

  1. Fewer Costly Surprises

As any of the Ashmore mechanics can attest, too many repairs are requested by owners who have experienced a nasty surprise when their vehicle broke down. When repairs surprise you, it can actually cost more to fix after the problem presents itself because any part of a car is part of a system. When one part breaks down, it often affects other parts, which also require replacement or repair. However, if you engage in preventive maintenance on a regular basis, you can actually save money because there is much less collateral repair.

  1. Better Records

Whenever you get your vehicle fixed or maintained at a reputable shop, the records are entered into a database, which shows how often the car has been maintained. This database is important because it allows mechanics to review what the car needs and what it does not. This takes a lot of the diagnostic guesswork out of the inspection process, allowing you to save time.

  1. Greater Future Value

The aforementioned repair records are also available to various online companies that compile car reports. These reports are crucial to anyone wanting to research whether a vehicle is in top condition or if it is a rolling money trap. Because people want reliable transportation whenever they purchase a used vehicle, the condition reports provide value for your car, which allows you to request a higher sales price. Without the condition report, your car is a mystery to potential buyers, and no one wants their vehicle to be a mystery.

  1. Car Operates as Expected When You Need It

Whether you are driving on the highway or coming out of the grocery store, you want your vehicle to perform as expected. If you are in a new part of town or are traveling, you definitely want it to start when you rotate the key, and you want a smooth ride as you close in on your destination. What you do not want is for the engine to not turn over when you turn the key, and you certainly do not want to hear a knocking sound as you are driving.

With regular maintenance, your mechanic can spot problems in the engine long before symptoms manifest on the highway. Additionally, proactive diagnostics can help give you a timeline of when something will need to be fixed, allowing you to budget for repairs.

  1. Peace of Mind

If you are driving in a reliable vehicle, you do not worry much about getting to a destination. This lack of worry, otherwise known as peace of mind, is something that a reliable car offers. When you have regular maintenance performed on your vehicle, you get to know your car and trust it, which results in peace of mind even for older vehicles. If you allow your family members to drive your car, this peace of mind is very important because it gives you confidence that the chance for unpleasant surprises has been largely eliminated.

Peace of mind also comes in the form of knowing your car is in top condition. If you ever need to sell it, you can sleep well at night knowing that you are being a responsible car owner and not passing over to someone else a clunker that might potentially be unsafe. Finally, knowing you can get top dollar for your car is comforting as well.

  1. Safety

Whenever you have a breakdown on the road, it will impact your ability to keep control of the vehicle. However, even if you are able to pull over to the side of the road, it can be unsafe if you have to remain aware of oncoming traffic. Regular maintenance helps reduce the chance you will be sitting at the side of the road during heavy traffic.

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