6 Signs Your Cleaning Service Software Could Do With an Upgrade

Many business owners feel loyal to their current business software because they have used it for a while. There have been amazing advances in cleaning software technology that a business owner may be missing by sticking with their old and outdated computer programs. Here are six signs that a cleaning service may need to ditch their current software and upgrade to something better.

One: Manual Entries Should Not Be Normal

It is not normal for a cleaning business to have to make continuous manual entries into their software. Manual entries are a big red flag that it is time to upgrade to new software. Shopping for new software? Get help from Launch27.

Two: Software that Requires Manual Invoicing

Software that requires a lot of manual invoicing is not a smart choice. The more time an employee has to spend manually entering invoices and manually sending invoices to customers, the less valuable the software becomes. Nowadays, many business software programs can automatically create customer invoices and send them out on a set schedule without an employee having to email invoices manually.

Three: Math That Does Not Add Up

When creating an invoice for a customer, it is important that the math adds up and that the total due is correct. One may not think about the formulas and computer programming that goes on behind the scenes, but there is a lot involved. If the software does not add the totals up correctly, the business could be losing money, or customers may be being overcharged by the software.

If the math doesn’t add up, it is time to upgrade to new software. Good software will calculate totals correctly and generate a customer invoice. Correct billing is important as it builds trust with the customer.

Four: Updates That Take Too Long to Come

When there is a problem with the software, the company that designed the software needs to fix the issue in a timely manner. If it takes weeks, or even months, for the software development company to release an update or patch, it may be time to upgrade to different software. Before making the switch, be sure to check customer reviews for the new software so that the company doesn’t choose software that takes forever to fix glitches.

Five: Missed Cleaning Appointments and Mismanaged Schedules

A cleaning business brings in revenue by providing cleaning services to its customers. If the software is mismanaging schedules and causing employees to miss customer appointments, this costs the business money. In this situation, it is imperative to upgrade to new software. Doing so will keep the money flowing in and help prevent a loss of customers.

Six: Crashing and Glitching of the Software

A business owner should not have to deal with software that continuously glitches or crashes. If this happens rarely and the company immediately puts out a patch to fix the glitch, that is one thing. Software that has one problem after another is not worth the hassle. Upgrade to software that is known for running smoothly.

In conclusion, a company should not feel that they are married to their business software for the business’s life. If a business owner feels that it may be time to upgrade to new software, it likely is time to make the change. The six signs above are signs that a cleaning business owner should upgrade to new business software. 

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