3 Significant Benefits of Listening to Music

The world without music would be painfully dull and boring. We love music to the point where we couldn’t live without it, for example, at work or when we study. Many research proves that listening to music is good for our bodies. It improves not only our mental health but also physical condition. Here you can find out what are the most significant benefits of listening to music.

Mood boost

When we listen to music, our brains release dopamine. You might have heard about this substance before because it’s also known as the happiness hormone. If you’re feeling bad, and desperately need a mood boost, 15 minutes of listening to your favourite music can make you feel excitement, joy, and happiness.

Stress reduction

Dopamine release is not the only positive music effect on our body. If there’s a lot of stress in your life, music will help your body. Scientists have proven that when you listen to music, the cortisol level in your body decreases significantly. Because of that, the effects of chronic stress are counteracted. Keep in mind that stress is the cause of over half of all diseases and illnesses that we know. Therefore, the smaller the level of stress you have, the more chance that you’ll be in good health.

Music helps you to learn more effectively

One more great advantage of listening to music is an increased ability to learn and memorise. If your child is a Headphones Addict, allow them to listen to whatever they want. According to the researchers, humans tend to work and learn more effectively when they hear songs that they like.

These are only three benefits of listening to music. If you’d like to learn more about it, check out the infographic provided by Headphones Addict:


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