Encouraging Productivity In Neglected Children: The Role of Foster Care

Hundreds and thousands of children suffer from abuse and neglect mostly within their own homes. Severe abuse and neglect could also kill them. Children living in unsafe environments could suffer from consequences that are long-term in nature. They have difficulty in catching up with school lessons, they could suffer from serious health issues, emotional and psychological problems, and could find it difficult in socializing with others.

Every child deserves to be loved and cared for and be able to lead a healthy and happy life within their homes. One of the best ways to support and care for neglected children so that they can regain their strength and confidence to lead a normal and peaceful life is by becoming a foster parent who offers them the right support.

The well-being of a child is an important focus in most of the nations because that has a long term impact on the children and determines their success in being productive as adults. Foster parents focus on the overall well-being of their foster children and help them become healthy, optimistic, confident and productive individuals.

Thus they are able to transform the lives of these children by giving them enough light to get rid of the darkness from their lives. How can a foster care home be beneficial for a neglected child?

Providing A Safe And Secure Environment

No matter how tough their situations were getting separated from their family and familiar surroundings is always traumatic for a child. When they are taken out of their school they have to say goodbye to their friends and classmates as well. This could cause severe anxiety and fear in these children.

However, with a great deal of patience and love and dealing with them gently foster parents can slowly gain the trust and confidence of these children. Providing these children with a safe and stable environment and with constant support and love from the foster family they can help these children overcome emotional and behavioral issues. This could help them become adults who are optimistic, productive and successful.

The Joy Of Being In A Loving Family

Most of the children who end up in foster care often suffered abuse and neglect within their own families. Some of them lost their parents to sickness, some parents are unable to care for their children owing to ill health or unemployment and some are in prison due to their criminal nature. Whatever the reason may be most of these children have never experienced happiness within their family. Foster homes allow them to experience the joy of being part of a stable and supportive family. The love and care provided at a foster care home help these children overcome their mental and physical struggles and grow u to be productive individuals.

A Stable Education

Neglected children often have to skip school owing to the problems they face at home or have never been to a school all their lives. When these children are placed in a foster home the foster parents make sure that they attend school regularly giving them the encouragement and academic support they require. Foster parents often work along with the teachers of these children to help them with their lessons and to make sure they are able to catch up with the rest of the students in the class. Giving these children a stable education allows them to focus on their goals in school thereby improving their academic skills. Getting a good education allows them to be successful, stable and independent in the future.

Improving Relationship With Their Biological Family

A foster parent usually allows their foster children to maintain contacts with their biological parents under the supervision and as per the norms of the court ruling in more serious cases. Extending kindness and sympathy to these biological parents even if they don’t deserve it is a way by which broken relationships can be healed. This gives the children a great lesson in humanity and love and they grow up to be men and women of character.

Broken relationships, addictive and abusive parents, the death of one or both parents, unemployment, and criminal background of parents are some of the situations that could lead to a child being neglected, abused or displaying criminal behavior. The trauma that these children go through could be severe and unless they are rescued from such situations and placed in reliable hands there is very little chance for them having a bright and productive future as an adult.

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