Top 6 Reasons You Should Work in Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Since the late 18th century until nowadays, work in the oil and gas industry has always promised a very rewarding career.

Indeed, Modern offshore oil and gas jobs provide a lot of valuable and unique work experiences throughout the world for people with any background.


Reason №1: Stable Success of the Industry

Yes, among all offshore job opportunities, the oil and gas sector is probably the only industry that has existed and been successful since before some countries became independent countries.

Moreover, it is one of the fastest-growing occupational sectors, which keeps developing and adapting to modern realia.


despite there are some concerns that this booming industry might collapse because of global crude oil shortages and the demand for renewable energy increase, the oil and gas sector is expected to double production in the next 15-20 years, adjusting to the changeable requirements of the time.

Oil And Gas Careers

If talking about the benefits of work in the oil and gas industry, high salaries and multiple career opportunities of offshore jobs spring to mind first of all.

So, obviously:

Reason №2: Well-Paid

Let’s face the truth:

If you consider an offshore job, you are definitely looking for a high salary, rewards, bonuses, and perks.

The oil and gas sector is exactly where you get it.

Did you know that an average salary for offshore oil and gas jobs is over $60.000, and along with that everyone has lots of career ladders to climb up to six figures?

Reason №3: Career Opportunities

Another upside of prosperous oil and gas industries is that they offer boundless career opportunities.

They hire green driven employees, not only workers with solid experience within the industry.

A wide range of positions are offered, including welders, technicians, surveyors, operators, as well as accountants, marketers, telecommunication and aerospace engineers – the specialists in multiple areas are welcome!


Offshore oil and gas jobs are in GLOBAL DEMAND. Unlike any other industry, this one implies an incredible amount of locations all over the globe, where you can be employed!

Qualifications For Oil And Gas Jobs

Qualifications in mathematics, physics, geology and engineering are common in the industry.

Of course, just like any other job position, offshore oil and gas jobs also have a list of conditions you have to satisfy:

  • Age: at least 18 years old
  • Physically and mentally fit to successfully pass the Basic Offshore Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET)
  • Be comfortable working at height
  • Non-smoker
  • Able to deal with typical on/off working situations

A degree in a relevant field, like electrical or mechanical engineering, is a great start.


Since the question of getting the fuel for our planet in the future stands, work in the oil and gas industry involves as wide range of professionals as possible like on Rigjobs, so ANY qualification can be of much more use than you might think!

For example, if you used to work on environmental studies at university, you are a perfect match for the niche.


Reason №4: Benefits and Training Opportunities

Training and development opportunities along with other benefits are provided by most companies in the industry in order to train their staff to deal with global issues.

They are interested in developing your talent and uncovering your creativity for coming up with progressive solutions about the future of the oil and gas industry.

You can get such perks:

  • Good pension plans
  • Bonus schemes
  • Childcare support
  • Private healthcare
  • Private dental care

Reason №5: Innovative Industry

Technology is constantly expanding in this industry in order to provide energy for a growing population of our planet, meeting the requirements of environmental sustainability at the same time.

Obviously, being a part of an offshore oil and gas team, you are meant to contribute to innovative discoveries and developments and reduce our ecological footprint.

In view of the above:

Reason №6: Diversity of Work Environments

It’s not only about heavy machinery that probably comes to your mind.

Modern offshore oil and gas jobs are based in spacious offices and sophisticated labs, so you have got a good diversity of work environments to choose from.

Also, you can travel the world! Having gained the necessary experience in one company, you can continue your oil and gas route in any other one, anywhere you wish to.

Working offshore = a variety of locations worldwide.

A Few Tips To Getting Into The Offshore Jobs 

How to become an offshore worker?

Let’s cover the basic steps you can take:

  • Decide in which country you’d like to work. Make a list of cities in the chosen country. Check out jobs websites within your preferred location.
  • Analyze the local media data (radio stations, newspapers).
  • Often, entry-level jobs are not posted. So, feel free to contact HR via phone or email directly.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have special education – most entry-level skills can be learned on the job.
  • Take courses in STEM subjects, if possible (science, technology, engineering and maths), or complete a specific practical certificate (e.g. oil rig training program).
  • Try a one-month internship to build up contacts with a company and find out all the necessary information about the employment from the inside.


You deserve to be a part of such a progressive and rewarding industry!

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