7 Reasons Why a Business Lawyer Can Be Crucial for Your Startup

Starting a business comes many challenges that every entrepreneur must face, in the early days and so forth. But while you are dealing with the funding, locations, and business ideas, who is going to make sure your startup is on the legal side of things? That’s right, a business lawyer.

If you hire a reputable business lawyer right from the start, then things will be much easier to deal with. If you want to know precisely how they might be able to help, then check out the seven reasons mentioned below.

Business Decisions

When you are planning the ideas for your startup with your business partners, your team might think of many smart things that can work for your company. But before acting on these ideas, you need to make sure whether or not there are any legal complications. Facing these problems later can cause a lot of trouble.

Some of these ideas could include buying another business, naming your company, marketing tag lines, the location of your office, and zoning problems. These are just some examples of the things that you need to talk about with a lawyer.


Incorporation is what can separate you and your partners from the business. That means you can’t be personally held responsible for business liabilities, including debts. It will completely separate you and every other founder from the company.

This can be incredibly necessary for every company, whether you are selling products, manufacturing items, or offering services.

There are numerous forms of business organizations, and your attorney can help you determine which is the best. You can decide to have a Sole Proprietorship, a Limited Liability Corporation, or a Partnership, among others. Your lawyer can take a look at your plans, finances, and goals to help you find the most suitable option.

Tax Compliant

When you are starting any kind of a business, one thing is absolutely guaranteed. That is, your company will need to pay all the appropriate taxes on time. There is no argument that your business will be taxed one way or another.

That is why you must make sure that you understand the taxes that apply to your company before opening up shop. Otherwise, there might be hell to pay.

You need to get a business lawyer to make sure your startup is in compliance with all the federal, state, and local taxation laws. Doing so can help you avoid double taxes and fines. While your lawyer can help you out with the basics, you will need to hire an accountant to get into the specifics.

Employee Contracts

Before you hire your first employee, you might need to draft a contract that your candidate can sign to officially become your employee. But even before the deal, you need to identify yourself to the government as an employer. Also, you need to check the background of your candidate to make sure they are allowed to legally work in the country.

An employee contract has many terms and conditions that your employees need to follow. These are crucial because they can help you protect your business at the end of the day.

Your lawyer can help you identify what needs to be added, and adequately write down the clauses. A lawyer can also help you comply with employment laws and restrictions.

Also, your lawyer can make sure there is no way to terminate the agreement. By looking for the best employment law firm New York City, you will surely be guided with the do’s and don’ts in handling employees legally.

Financial Agreements

If you don’t have enough funds for the startup, then a startup lawyer can help you look for possible options for outside investment. You could either get a loan or go to seed investors, venture capitalists, and crowdfunding platforms for the money.

But like every other thing in business, many legal issues can arise while getting the capital. One of the most critical issues is negotiating the degree of control with your major investors, as well the voting rights on the board.

With a business lawyer on your side, your funding goals can have much more success. They can prepare and negotiate loan agreements, general security contracts, and other things. Making it much easier to close deals without having to worry about any issues.


If your startup is based on an innovative idea or an invention, then you need to protect the heart and soul of your business.

You need to file for a patent with a lawyer very early on to avoid any complications. If you fail to do so, then it can lose its patentability. Making it open season for other companies to copy your idea and compete with your company.

Your lawyer can also help you draft confidentiality agreements for your employees, co-founders, business advisors, and everyone else who is attached to your startup.

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