5 Reasons Why Being Assertive in Your Communication Is Important

Most communication training classes don’t teach one to be assertive in their approach. Nevertheless, it is one of the essential parts of communication and can have an effect on pretty much every other aspect.

All of us have faced difficult situations in our lives, whether it is in our personal lives or professional front. And many of us have fallen victim to the difficult conversation that takes place during such situations.

Sometimes we talk with our friends, family, and colleagues, while other times, we are engaged in a conversation with a stranger. If we are not assertive in our communication, it could be a problem for us, especially if we are talking to the people we know. That is why being assertive in our communication is essential.

Here are five reasons why you should communicate assertively and why most communication skills training programs need to shed some light on the importance of this skill:

Sharing feedback

Sharing feedback with each other is an essential part of communication. It makes us aware of our shortcomings and helps us prepare to fill in the gaps. Nevertheless, there is a way to share feedback. If not done properly, it can dent a person’s self-confidence and ruin their self-esteem. The only way to give feedback is in a constructive manner. And in order to provide constructive criticism, one must be assertive in their communication. When you are assertive, your criticisms are well-constructed and received by the other person with welcome hands.

Managing work and time

When you are not assertive, you have difficulty saying ‘no’. Being able to say no to the things you don’t want is your right. Not being able to say no will have you working extra shifts and running errands for other people despite your unwillingness. This is why you need to be able to stand your ground and speak your mind through a personality development program or soft skill training. Otherwise, you might find yourself working extra hours and still not be able to deliver quality work.

Standing up for yourself

Sometimes we are unable to stand for ourselves because we lack assertiveness. Whether it is the uncomfortable jokes our colleagues are making or our boss using us as their personal assistance, if we are not able to stand for ourselves, we will end up becoming the butt of a joke. If you are not assertive in your communication, you will be sending everyone the signal that they can walk over you.

Sorting out conflicts

We all get into conflicts at times, and the best way to deal with them is to be strong and assertive. When you are assertive, you can put your point forward easily and be able to solve the issue in no time. It also helps you look neutral in difficult situations and gives you a calm appearance.

Enhancing self-esteem

Self-esteem and assertiveness go hand in hand. When you have high self-esteem, you are automatically an assertive person and vice versa. While developing your communication skills, make sure to learn to be assertive so you can improve your self-esteem.

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