Read about Toric Lenses from a Medical Doctor

How good are toric contacts for Astigmatism?

Natural shape of your cornea is spherical. Any change in this shape can lead you to astigmatism. It is a condition in which your cornea has an unusual curve. In this situation, your eyes can’t completely regulate the light. As a result, you will experience a distorted or blurred vision.

Fortunately, you may treat this refractive error with toric lenses. Read about toric lenses from a medical doctor’s blog and find our what are the perfect lenses for your eyes. Astigmatism is common in myopic (short-sighted) people. In this situation, contact lenses may not help you.

Toric Contact Lenses and Astigmatism

For astigmatism, you will need these lenses. Toric lenses offer a clear and balanced vision to weather. They are available in a torus shape for bending and better adjustments to the demands of your eyes. Moreover, you can get precise vision correction.

Remember, these lenses need cylinder and axis values. With the axis figure, it is possible to find the exact location of astigmatism in the eyes. It may range between 5 and 180 degrees. Cylinder means power that is necessary for your eyes to correct the vision.

Varying correctional power for zeniths of the contact lens allows you to rotate their position. These adjustments are necessary for visual correction. If you have astigmatism, feel free to trust these lenses.

Life of Toric Lenses

Life cycle of toric lenses may depend on their quality and brand. You can buy lenses based on your daily, weekly, or monthly uses. Make sure to consider your preferences and budget. Daily lenses are convenient and easy to dispose of daily. You can prefer these lenses with a busy lifestyle.

Weekly, monthly, and annually lenses can be cost-effective. You have to disinfect and clean them daily. These are cost-efficient in the long-run. Remember, these lenses can be expensive to replace.

Tips to Wear Toric Lenses

You can use them similar to standard lenses. The shape of each lens may vary to facilitate different shapes of the cornea. The procedure of removing and inserting these lenses is identical to traditional lenses.

Remember, these lenses are expensive than regular contacts. Toric lenses can correct short-sightedness; therefore, they are powerful than ordinary lenses. Consult an ophthalmologist to get perfect measurements for toric lenses. Here are some essential things to understand to choose the best toric lenses.

Fitting for Toric Lenses

Toric lenses must ideally stay on your eyes. Some notable features of these lenses are thin-thick zones, ballasting, and lens orientation. Fitting of your lens is necessary than usual. These contacts come with a middle axis similar to the equator of the earth. It can keep your vision clear.

Types of Contact Lenses

Feel free to choose between different lenses, such as toric disposable contact lenses and toric dailies. Feel free to buy colored toric lenses. These are designed with rigid or soft gas permeable (RGP), or hard lenses. If you need the best toric contacts, buy RGP lenses. These are easy to adjust, delicate and dry.

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