3 Pros and Cons of Open Source Food Ordering Systems: Is There Such a Thing as a Free Lunch?

Today, you can find online ordering open source systems offered by all types of restaurants and food providers. With this software, everyone can use it, add to it, change it, and more. That is why there are so many supporters of this technology out there. While this is true, there are still some restrictions that some owners of restaurants do not realize are there.

It is a good idea to take some time to learn more about restaurant delivery software, along with the pros and cons it brings to the table. Keep reading for some helpful and insightful information about this here.

  1. Pro: No Launch Costs

Open source solutions are offered for free. However, they can also be purchased for a one-time fee. There are many restaurant owners who like the fact that it is free, which is why they are eager to use it.

  1. Pro: Full Control

It is possible to freely use any type of open source restaurant ordering system. Users can add all-new features, configure it well, change the layout, and even integrate it with the other systems that are already being used. When an open source solution is used, the restaurant owner has full control over the solution. However, it is necessary to have some technical skills, which will ensure the configuration is done properly. If this isn’t the case, the system will become completely useless as more time passes.

  1. Pro: No Formalities

With this solution, there is no need to sign a contract with some external provider. There is no need to make a commitment to working for a set amount of time and there is no notice period. The solution can be used immediately.

  1. Con: No Help or Support

With this, the owner is in full control. This means that it is a solo endeavor. It is up to the owner to deal with maintenance and configuration for the system. In many cases, this is confusing. When using this type of software, it is necessary to allocate money and time to it to make sure it is effective and useful.

  1. Con: Expansion and Maintenance Costs

Each solution, even those that are offered for free, will generate some type of cost in a restaurant. With an open source system for ordering food, the costs will be having to maintain the solution, the costs of the servers, and the cost of any orders that are lost. The no-fee factor mentioned above is only free at launch. As someone expands on the ordering features and configures the program, the software solution will cost something.

  1. Con: Smaller Possibilities

In most cases, since the software is free, it will be missing certain capabilities. If someone wants to add them, they will have to do it on their own or pay for it.

When it comes to open source software solutions for restaurants, there are more than a few things that need to be considered. While it definitely has some advantages, there are disadvantages that need to be understood as well. Knowing the facts and making the right decisions will help restaurant owners know if this is something they would like to use for their business and their customers.

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