Expect Excellence – What You Should Get From A Premium Coworking Space

Coworking is changing the way that flexible work is done in the contemporary business world. Every day more entrepreneurs and freelancers are discovering the many benefits that come from working alongside like-minded professionals. However, with new providers of coworking spaces emerging to meet the rising demand, it can be tricky to know which company to choose.

It is hard to go wrong with a premium provider of coworking space – whether you are in the USA or abroad. Premium coworking space providers offer several services that add to the overall experience of working in a shared office. Conducting some research and doing a coworking comparison among providers can help you to make an informed decision before committing yourself to one place.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the services and amenities you should expect from a premium coworking space.

Quality Communications

Access to reliable communications is a highly important area to consider before deciding on a provider. Premium coworking spaces provide high-speed secure internet connections to facilitate day-to-day business as well as digital forms of communication. This is a necessity for all freelancers and entrepreneurs, and you should expect this to be included in any reasonable coworking package.

Beyond the basics, premium coworking spaces provide receptionists who can answer your phone calls in your business name. It can be a great idea to have someone to field calls when you cannot always answer as there is nothing worse than losing business or a client’s interest due to them feeling ignored. Since flexible workers are often internationally mobile, it is also important to consider international number portability in a coworking space to avoid any roaming charges. Look for these things before signing up with a provider.

Support When You Need It

Freelancing and flexible work can sometimes feel like you are going it alone in unfamiliar territory. While this can be invigorating most of the time, it can be helpful to know that support is there if you need it. Make sure that your premium coworking space provider offers in-house IT support to keep your systems up and running should you have any technical problems. Ensure that there is a team of staff available on-hand to answer any questions you might have about the service itself.


One of the biggest advantages of coworking and shared office spaces, in general, is the flexibility they provide for your lifestyle and work processes. Premium coworking providers go the extra mile and offer the use of any of their hot desk spaces internationally for those who choose to be members. They also provide access to many global community events which can be great for building your network and establishing a sense of camaraderie with fellow entrepreneurs.

Low Cost

Just because a service is premium does not mean that you should expect to pay an outrageous fee each month. Look for a provider that can match your budget. Ideally, you should not expect to pay an initial set up fee and there should only be a one-month security deposit. The best providers also offer perks such as returning 20% of your money to you in the form of loyalty points. Look for these added extras when choosing a coworking provider.

Variety In Packages

While these benefits should be expected from a premium coworking space provider, the best part about top quality services is the variety they offer in terms of packages. Make sure to consider what options best suit the needs of your business, from hot desking to having a dedicated desk or even a private office space. With the best providers, you are sure to find something which suits your working style.

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