Popularity of BBA Event Management in India

India is the land of extravagant festivals and events of different cultural and religious backgrounds. Even marriages in the country are grand celebrations, often lasting for days. Hence, it is no wonder that Indians are warm to the idea of event managers and party planners taking over the labours of organising and planning their mega-scale events.

The past few years have seen an enormous growth in the event management industry in India. In fact, according to a recent news report in The Economic Times, the annual revenue of the industry is set to cross ₹ 10,000 crores by 2021. This can credited to the increase in number of media and sports events like reality shows, celebrity weddings, awards ceremonies, musical concerts and sports meets.

If you are an extrovert person who loves to meet and interact with new people, and have a flair for organisational skills, you can seek a successful career in this booming industry. There are many courses catering to event management such as BBA Event Management, which are gaining popularity among students.

Read ahead to know more about the benefits of pursuing a BBA in event management, which makes it a popular career option among the Indian youth.

Why should you study BBA in event management?

Here are the advantages that you can look forward to, with a BBA in event management:

  • Multiple career opportunities: Whether you are a freelancer or work for an event management company, you can always find work in India. From organising reality shows like Indian Idol to sporting events like the mega-IPL, you can find work opportunities that suit your interests and career aspirations. With the media industry booming, there are scores of career roles at every level, to choose from.
  • Boost your confidence: If you are rather shy, an event management course can help you overcome your shyness and make you more confident in dealing with different kinds of people. It also helps in improving your inter-personal skills so that you learn to be outgoing and assertive.
  • Improves your communication skills: Event management involves a lot interviews and writing letters emails, brochures and deal with documents. Event management courses can help you obtain top-notch communication skills that can help you impress your clients and customers.
  • Management skills: An event management course also provides you with essential management and business skills such as handling client folders and maintaining company accounts, which can be useful as transferable skills if you want to switch domains later in your career. The course also prepares you for working in any capacity in a corporate setup.

A career in event management is everything except boring. Each day on the job can bring you new challenges different ways to overcome them. The industry is perfect for those who love change and thrive on exciting challenges in the workplace. Join a BBA courevmanagement to take the first step towards an exciting career.

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