“Open”-ing the Door to Your Next Web Design Company in Florida

  • The term, “Open Source”, was coined in 1998 in the Navigator’s source code
  • Henry Ford, the inventor of the modern automobile, was the first to use open source-based data to launch his patented technology to openly share with other manufacturers.
  • Using open-sourced software has seen an upward trend by 68% from 2018

We all know the question: “How do you take your software, open or closed?”. Okay, maybe you don’t unless you’re in the tech business. But, we all handle numerous types of software on a daily basis and have user-experiences defined by whether it’s “open” or “closed”.

Twenty years ago, closed-source software led by big name companies dominated the mainstream. However, this notion has changed in just the past few years with the onset of popularized independent establishments regarding the open-sourced software realm. With fluid and easy to navigate web design, open-source software is the champion that has bested its “closed” counterpart.

What Exactly is Open-Source Software?

Open-source software is programmed with a specific level of coding that can be modified or enhanced by individuals who were given permission to access it. In contrast, closed-source software is exclusively owned and operated (with all rights included) directly to the owner. Examples of closed-source software include Microsoft Office and Adobe, where the ability to make edits or alter its configuration is solely with the proprietors.

However, open-source software provides more freedom to enhance the design of the website itself with multiple entities taking responsibility with the client’s consent.

Maintain, Maintain, Maintain  

To put your best design foot forward, one must maintain a proactive online presence. This means having open-source software which enables designers with periodic updates to the site itself (You know, just like those updates you keep getting on your desktop but click, “Remind Me Tomorrow”).

With a closed-source option, maintenance is required every 6-months. When you think about it, 6-months may be too late to update any major content or highlight specials on your site that change depending on the time of year.

Personalization is Key

With popular open-source software such as WordPress, the client and your web design team will be in charge of the site at hand. There are so many restrictions posed by closed-source software, that makes it difficult to ensure their needs are being met.

Web design is all about improving the appearance of your website to make it more appealing to buyers, right? That’s a central facet which makes open-source software so great. In collaboration with an experienced marketing team, open-source software personalizes websites by:

  • Keeping individual pages protected
  • Indexing a vast array of plugins for video and audio blocks
  • Integrating with multiple contributors at a time
  • Customizing a single database
  • Personalizing handles to add unique posts

It’s Easier to Mobilize 

With open-source software, you can choose from a variety of customized themes and variants to get your website that “je ne sais quoi” you’ve been looking for. Along with open themes, mobility is an embedded piece of coding that makes it more efficient for users to navigate websites.

It is, after all, the most widely used method for getting users to visit websites today. With the convenience of mobile devices, your web design should also reflect this responsiveness as well. Responsiveness refers to the automatic configuration of a website depending on the device used. For example, text that is too large for buttons, links that don’t work and images that are not appropriately re-sized. What open-source software offers you is the ease of adding the responsive code directly into your “design as you wish” site.

Do You Need a Reliable Web Design Company in Florida?

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