6 Offline Marketing Strategies for Boosting Online Conversions

It is obvious that having an excellent digital marketing strategy is crucially important for your online brand. But have you ever considered an offline marketing plan as well? Because it is also critically necessary for your online business to grow, and sometimes it even makes you stand out from other competitors.

If you understand the 4 Ps of marketing, you will inevitably see that with the help of online marketing tools, it’s really easy to get your product in front of customers at the right time. However, statistics have proved that 40% of customers will purchase online after seeing an offline advertisement. Therefore, trying to market your online store offline can be a great idea to reach a wider audience and boost your revenue.

Why offline marketing important for your online store?

The first thing to remember is that shoppers in this modern-day would likely buy things both online and offline. A buyer’s journey can exist both in the physical and digital world because there are more choices for them to get the best of what they want. That is the reason why you should not forget to have a traditional marketing plan for your e-commerce business, regardless of your business model.

Also, many customers still lean towards offline marketing because it makes them feel the presence of your business. Traditional tactics help raise your brand awareness, build credibility and increase customer engagement. A business card, a brochure or even a sample of your products would be more trustful because they bring the “tactile” kind of feel, not to mention that some people like to see and touch products before they proceed purchase act.

Now, you know how offline marketing can influence your business. Try to understand your target customers deeply, consider your budget in order to find proper offline tactics for your store. It depends on your product or service types and your own market that decide which should be included in your marketing plan to bring the best results.

6 offline marketing strategies to support business on your website

Networks building

Relationships always help grow your business in the long-term. A face-to-face meeting is still a helpful way to get you and your firm widely known. In many cases, it could drive traffic to your website because people might want to learn more about your online brand after having some conversations in person. Therefore, being a member of a large industry-specific network can be a huge advantage for you to develop your brand sustainably.

You should be wise and genuine when it comes to building connections with any organization or group. People would like to help you because they trust you. Do not try to focus too much on selling your products or promote your brand every time because people might run away. Remember that once you determine to put great efforts into building relationships, your business will gain more benefits in the long run. Sometimes, it creates more opportunities to approach your targeted audience.

What you can do is to attend many industry-related events or conferences in order to catch more chances to be a part of those networks.

Speaking engagements

This is a type of strategy to help connect your brand with many customers. Speaking publicly not only does nurture the relationships with your existing primed clients but also bring more potential customers to your online business. People sign up for your speaking engagement because they find your business idea interesting. Therefore, by sharing what you have experienced in your field (e.g., mistakes, lessons), you can prove yourself to be established as an expert in the industry. As a result, it can increase your brand reputation and credibility.

Trade shows participation

A trade show is a place where you should show up because it gives your business plenty of opportunities that you never want to miss. Prospective buyers, retailers or industry leaders are those who will appear at this kind of event, and perhaps they will notice what products your online store provides. Participating in trade shows can help lengthen your business network contacts list as well as gain visibility and customers.

You should find the right shows for your business because it depends on your type of goods or services. There are many industry shows which can bring a great number of people who have similar interests to your offerings, so make a plan and sign up to one.

Physical promotional materials

Hats, t-shirts, shopping bags or badges, for example, are efficient items to instill your brand image in the customers’ minds. According to a study, this is an effective promotion way for all generations. Who would say “no” to a free t-shirt gift? People will get a sense of great certitude about your brand and gradually be familiar with it whenever they use a free customized pen or wear anything that has your company’s logo on it. Sometimes, they can be walking billboards for your marketing campaigns.

Also, you can spend your budget on flyers, banners or outdoor billboards to draw people’s attention to the brand. However, remember that this tactic can be quite costly. You can design your business card with the website address on it so that people can stop by your online store. Or some brands even have the information printed on receipts so that buyers can leave feedbacks anytime they want or look for customer support whenever they need it.

Direct mailings

If you think that direct mailing is less effective than an email newsletter, then it is a huge mistake. In fact, 54% of customers prefer to get printed catalogs delivered to their mail than an email. People find physical catalogs more high-quality and authentic than the online version, so they would feel like visiting your online store more often. Sending beautiful newsletters with useful information such as coupons or promotional prices could be a wonderful strategy to keep customers continue to buy on your website.

Another idea for the marketing plan is designing postcards if your budget is still enough for it. A monthly thank-you card to your loyal customers could be a great way to maintain strong bonding between buyers and your brand.

Pop-up stores

Perhaps this tactic is frequently used by most e-tailers when they want to engage directly with the public. With a pop-up shop, you can display products, introduce your latest lines, interact face-to-face with customers and hold special events to increase the level of brand engagement. Moreover, opening a pop-up store may cost you less than running a permanent one by 80%.

There are many popular brands such as Boohoo or Goop implement such pop-up shop strategy to gain more visibility and provide their customers with more exciting experience.

You should be flexible and combine strategies to achieve greater outcomes

Even though the digital world has changed customer behavior, human nature stays the same. Online marketing might be the new hot thing, but traditional marketing at its fundamental is still effective nonetheless. It depends on what tactic you choose for your marketing plan and how you undertake it that decides the level of effectiveness of the campaign. Remember that there is no strategy can fit all types of online business. Considering your budget, target audience wisely before putting the plan into action.

Also, it is more powerful to combine online and offline marketing strategies for your business. This is the best way to boost your online sales and attract more attention to the brand at the same time. You can take advantage of cutting-edge technology and digital marketing tools to support your offline activities.

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