Myths about Internet Security SMEs and Startups Should Know About

Many small businesses and tech entrepreneurs don’t think about having secured networks. Well, that shouldn’t be the case. If you have a small business or you are someone who is part of the decision-making body of a small business, this can put you in a bad spot. Internet security is one of the major concerns that one should address.

Even if you are not a huge organization. You are not at an advantage if you are an SME and don’t think that internet security is not worth investing on. You should have a look at the following myths about internet security if you are a startup or an SME.

Your Data Is Safe If You Have A Good Password:

Having a strong password is one of the essentials to keep your information safe and secure. But this alone is not a complete solution. It is not going to help you much if there is an incident or there is a hit by a hacker. A two-factor authentication is something that is going to help you in a better way. Also, it is a good thing to make sure that members of your team do not write passwords and keep them stored on your computer. Also, make sure that they have a unique password for every account.

A Good Antivirus Makes You Secure:

If you have a strong antivirus program for your small-scale business network, it is not going to be helpful alone. It is not necessary that if you have a great antivirus software (which is one of the essential software that you should have) makes you safe. Also, it doesn’t mean that your network something that can’t get compromised. There are many individuals or elements that work from remote locations. There is a good chance that a network that is not secured enough can get them in trouble.

You Don’t Have To Worry Because Hackers As They Only Target Large-Scale Organizations:

SMEs and startups think that hackers have no interest in their business. Also, they think that these guys cannot become targets of such malicious elements. Things are different in reality. When it comes to incidents, there are many small-scale organization that got compromised. One should understand that if you are online, you are vulnerable to an attack.

IT Personnel Can Fix Anything:

Many small businesses believe that if they have a super-skilled IT team on board, they have nothing to worry about. This is a misconception. One should realize that having a skilled IT team is something good. But that doesn’t assure that you are always protected online. Make sure that you have specialized individuals like penetration testers who are also termed as ethical hackers in your team. You can find such individuals on job portals and social media platforms using Mediacom internet packages. These are very affordable always keep you connected at all times.

Your Insurance Covers Losses from Cybercrime:

There are many insurance companies that include protection from cybercrime. This doesn’t mean that they protect your networks or provide any kind of compensation if your networks get compromised. It is going to be a good practice that you should stay in touch with your insurance company. This will help you stay informed about the packages they offer. Also, don’t hesitate to consult with your insurance agent. You can also consult with the customer services representative of your insurance company. These guys are there to get the latest updates on the insurance packages and programs they offer.

Firewalls Can Protect Your Business:

This is almost the same as the misconception with the antivirus software. It is a good thing that you have firewalls. But this doesn’t ensure the protection of your assets and your company. To consider yourself protected, you need to have more than only firewalls and antivirus software. You need to make sure that you have upgraded hardware and software for use. These are important to create a foolproof internet security system for your organization. Also, make sure that it conforms to your needs and the nature of your businesses.

Millennials Are More Concerned About Having A Secure Internet:

It is a misconception that Millenials are more familiar with technology. Also, these guys are more tech-savvy than the previous generations. This isn’t the case. Millennials are at more risk than the previous generations. In a business setting, they are more at risk. This is due to the technology and knowledge that makes a hack or penetration possible in the world of today.

You Think Your Company Is Ready To Fight Back:

You might be thinking that your organization has what it takes to combat a difficult situation in case your networks get compromised. The truth in this regard is that no matter how prepared you are you won’t be able to predict in case an incident occurs. The reason is that these incidents are so sudden that by the time you are going to assess the severity of the incident, there is a chance it is too late.

So no matter what happens one should never take such incidents on a lighter note and should always try to think ahead. Also, make sure that you stay updated about the latest technology and techniques. To do this, you can always turn towards tutorials and technology updates online. This is not only going to add more to your organizational development. Also, this will help you stay updated with the latest technology trends that are going on by the passage of time in the world.

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