8 Most Common Car Problems

If you live in a big city, the chances are that the public transportation system is enough for you. If you happen to live in an area that is sparsely populated, though, getting your first car can be only compared to learning how to walk. Finally, you can travel wherever you want, without asking anyone for help, no matter how isolated your destination is. This new-found freedom can soon be curtailed, because, unfortunately, cars are not resistant to all sorts of defects.

The problem may have been created already on the assembly line, or it could be a result of excessive use. In a second you’ll learn what the most common car problems are. Let’s go!

Issues with Brake Pads

This problem is one of the most dangerous and common on this list. As time passes, the wear and tear can lead brake pads to become less efficient, which could potentially be a cause of a dangerous accident. That’s why regular maintenance shouldn’t be a chore, but something that you should remember about. Discovering that there are issues with your brake pads on a highway could be fatal for you, other drivers and pedestrians. Better safe than sorry.

Issues with Engine

If your engine is making weird noises, it could be a sign that there are some issues with the internal combustion engine. To function correctly, it requires a specific ratio of air to fuel. If you hear any of those “weird noises”, you should diagnose the problem before proceeding further. P0305 code on Ford is pretty common, and it means that cylinder number 5 is misfiring.

Enormous Oil Consumption

If your car needs its oil changed too frequently, there might be some problems that are causing it. The oil light is an indicator of such issues, but the problem can be less obvious. Have you noticed that the performance is slightly worse, or perhaps is your oil filter clogged? It might be an indication that there are some issues that need solving.

Issues with Tires

Tire wear can be the result of the intense use, or if it is happening too quickly, a manufacturing defect. If you’ve noticed that the tires of your car are not wearing out equally, it might be that there are some issues with your suspension. Buy quality tire inflator which is super helpful when you are trying to inflate any tyre.

Issues with Lights

If there are any problems with your lights, you are likely to notice them quickly. They might be caused by a burnt-out bulb, or perhaps the plastic has degraded. The solution to this problem may be as simple as replacing the bulb or cleaning the headlights, which you should be able to do by yourself. One thing is certain – when it comes to issues with lights, you should take care of them before you decide to hit the road again. Otherwise, you’ll be exposing others, and yourself to danger.

Dead Battery

Issues with batteries are usually caused by reduced amps. It can be a result of damaged charging system components. Are your lights dimmer than usual, or are there issues with AC or with stereo? Your battery might be dead. It’s better to diagnose the problem as fast as possible because your car could stop working at any time. Save yourself some stress and go straight to the mechanic.

Issues with Filter

As time passes, particles, scraps of metal, dust – all of these can end up in your transmission fluid. Or, at least that’s what would have happened without a transmission filter. Unfortunately, even it won’t take care of the problem if there’s just too much dirt. If your filter is clogged, it could indicate that there is something wrong with some other part of your car, as normally the dirt shouldn’t be able to get there in huge quantities.

Issues with Paint

Probably least serious car problems on this list. At most, scratches can be unsightly, but they are not likely to cause any trouble. If you notice rust, though, it could be a sign that there are more important things going on with your car.

Don’t be scared!

After reading this list of various car issues that you may one day encounter, you might feel intimidated. There is so much (and more!) that could get wrong, but if you don’t purchase a car that remembers the times o ‘Nam, you aren’t likely to encounter those problems frequently, which doesn’t mean that occasionally your car won’t disappoint you. If you regularly visit a mechanic, or better yet – know how to diagnose and fix most of the problems, your life will get noticeably easier.

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