Top 6 Luminar Features that a Photographer Should Know

Luminar is the most power and useful photo editing and image editing software that offers a highly customizable approach for photo editing including hundreds of buttons, menu options, and sliders with post-processing programs. The more you use it, the more you explore it because it is a little different from other editing software. You will find other interesting hidden features that really help to improve your editing and workflow. The workflow of luminar is very user-friendly that enable you to press one button and completely process your image, ideal for both beginners and professional photographers.

In today’s competitive marketplace, digital photographs are playing a very crucial role for many businesses. Good quality and well-edited pictures and images will not only help you to build a strong brand image but also helps to convey your message in the best possible manners. Photo editing too very crucial for professional photographs. It is the part of post-production which is essential for enhancing features of pictures and eliminate the production errors.

So if you’re searching for the best photo editing software that can fulfill all your editing tools and give your photos a professional look, then luminar photo editing software is the one you should give a try.

Here is the list of 6 key features of luminar photo editing software for your photography needs.

#1. Edit multiple images at the same time:

With the help of the luminar photo editing tool, you can work with various pictures at once or edit multiple pictures one at a time. It is the best software for those who love to work with multiple photos at the same time, you can add multiple layers with its own set of filters by clicking the + button in the Layers panel and add a new Image Layer. The new layer will add on the top of your existing layer and can easily combine it with another layer by changing the opacity.

#2. Preview sliders:

As a professional photographer or photo editor, you may be familiar with the before and after preview sliders. In just one click you can preview yours before and after editing image. Luminar is featured with this preview slider but in more presided way that really kicks up things by just moving the sliders backward and forward. It is an exciting and useful feature of the luminar photo editing which really improves your editing and gives you the best editing experience ever.

#3. Change or Remove Background:

While clicking pictures, we always try to eliminate things which affects our photo quality, and an unorganized background is one of them. A perfect background is the helps to give a popup effect to our image whereas a cluttered background can ruin your picture quality. Therefore, with the help of best background remover software, you can quickly change or edit your picture background as per your need and purpose. Even I always prefer to choose to luminar background remover to modify or change background when not satisfied with the natural one. Except for desktop background removers , here is an online background remover which can help you to erase background or change image background automatically with 1 click . Founded in 2020, FocoClipping can help you to remove the background of the portrait, product, and graphic automatically. It also provides dedicated features like photo editors to restore, crop, refine, touch up hair details, cast shadows and add outlines to perfect your clipped photos. Besides, this toolkit supports changing image backgrounds by customized templates!

#4. Drag-N-Drop Layer Reallocation:

Like Photoshop and other photo editing software, luminar photo editing is also featured with drag and drop option which makes our workflow more stress-free. It is found very handy and user-friendly. With the help of its drag and drop features, you can adjust layers which comes first and manage multiple layers in just a few clicks.

#5. Crop for Social Media Cover:

If you want to promote your business on social media through pictures without affecting its quality, then the luminar crop tool will help you to that perfectly. You can re-sized, re-cropped, or edit your photos to ensure that your resulting image will be just the right dimensions to fit perfectly on the social media platforms without damaging its quality and features.

#6. Lasso tool for erasing:

Lasso tool in luminar is a Spot Healing tool which helps to remove unwanted blemishes and spots, and imperfection from the pictures and images. Its minute and presided, and round application brush makes your work easy and accurate. Anyone can use its healing tool because it is much like similar tools in other applications.

Bottom line:

If you’re looking for the best photo editing software for your Mac, or Windows devices, then Skylum luminar might be it. Skylum has clearly designed all the features tools to satisfy all your editing needs. Now, there is no need to retrain your brain to work with Luminar, since every keyboard stroke you make should do the same thing it does in Lightroom and other photo editing software.

I have only listed a few basic features of luminar photo editing software, but you can discover more by exploring features. So enjoy finding useful tools and features because luminar is full of these sorts of hidden helpful features especially the background remover which is its one of the unique features.

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