Why Spending Dollars On Local SEO For The Business Is Worth-Rewarding?

The virtual presence of your business is not for the virtual customers, while it’s for the real customers who look for the business information online. But, even after having the online presence, the business websites are not clicked. Why is it so?

Perhaps, the websites don’t fall on the first page and ranked at the top position on search engines. Here, organic SEO services would help the business website to top the ranking charts on the search engine. However, in SEO, the local SEO is scoring high in popularity.

Amused? What’s local SEO?

With changing scenario, the people don’t like to sift through the yellow pages or local newspaper to get the information about local businesses. Instead, they like to prefer search engine browsing.

You might have observed that when you search for any business service like a restaurant in New Zealand, then you get the list of New Zealand restaurants in the search result not of New York restaurants. It’s because of local SEO. The local SEO pulls up the results based on a users’ geographical area in an automated fashion and display the relevant information.

A few stats to support local SEO:

  • 80% of people use local websites to follow up their research with store visit, emails or calls.
  • According to Google places, 90% of the customers look up local businesses online.
  • Around 95% of the consumers use the internet to shop locally.

The local SEO is really a great form of online marketing to promote the millions of businesses and reach the target audience efficiently and effortlessly when the customers are in the pursuit of the same. That’s the reason small and large businesses are investing in local SEO.

Let’s Discover What Are The More Reasons To Embrace Local SEO Services:

#1 Reach the right customers at the right time

Local businesses can make the presence on Google my business pages by defining the business category and providing the business description along with keywords, which aids in displaying the business when the customers type the query for the relevant business.

The business category and description impact the local SEO search results and hit the right customers with the right business search results at the right time when they are looking for the same business, which leads to more sales.

#2 Result-driven

As opposed to SEO services, the local SEO services are more guaranteed in terms of increasing the traffic and generating quality leads. Even, it’s proven as the best for the small businesses to get started and improve the conversion rate with increased ROI.

#3 Aids in garnering online reviews

Online business reviews drastically influence the customers buying decision as the customer reviews reflect the type of services the business offers. With Google my business page, the businesses can ask the customers to rate and review the business that can be displayed on search engines. It helps in building the business credibility and improving local SEO rankings.

#4 Easy to configure

To get your business listed on Google my business page is a simple and straightforward process. But, it’s better to consider a professional service to set up the Google my business page rather than doing it on your own as a single mistake can impact the local ranking. It’s good to spend a few bucks to ensure that page gets set up correctly.

#5 Fulfill real-time needs

The people on-the-go generally found searching for the businesses on the mobile device that are in the close vicinity. When your business gets displayed to them at the moment they need it, the chances of turning to the business get increases. If the opportunity is missed, the customers are lost forever.

#6 Enhance local visibility

The business listing on the Google My business page with the brilliant local SEO plan improve the business SERP and display them on Google maps from where users can easily find out the business. Additionally, the map listing allows the businesses to showcase the customers the business address, operation timing and holidays.

#7 Build online reputation

The business website is the virtual extension of the local business. You can ask your customers to provide suggestions or leave reviews online. The positive feedback aids in gaining more traffic to the website, improve the loyalty and establish the brand.

#8 Not too expensive

We are aware of the fact how much the Online Marketing Company charge for SEO, SMO or PPC services. But, local SEO service is completely free. Akin to Google My business, other online directories such as Yelp, Yahoo, or Bing won’t charge a single penny to list the business online. It perfectly makes sense for the startups or small business to uplift the ROI without making any investment.

#9 Allure new customers

Less often, the customers are certain about the business that are located far away. Here, local SEO helps by letting the customer know that the business is in their locality by illustrating business postal address and contact details. It improves the footfall to the physical store and allure the new customers with increased awareness about the business.

#10 Leapfrog the competition

Most of the businesses are nowadays using the local SEO services to improve the visibility and drive huge traffic to the website. If you are not investing the efforts in local SEO, then you are losing the ground to a competitor. Don’t lag behind and bring your business website to the top with an intelligent local SEO strategizing.


In the internet browsing era, no local business can afford the poor search engine ranking. Merely, the online visibility is not everything, while making the website visible to the local customer is all-important. Local SEO services are bringing a lot of opportunities and benefits for the businesses from attracting new customers to building a brand’s image. It’s time to hit the market with excellent local SEO services.

Michael Waugh working in the digital marketing industry for over 10 years has worked with many SEO service providers and helped from SMEs to MNCs. He is specialized in the range of digital marketing services that includes SEO, SMO, PPC and more. You Can follow him on twitter.

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