List of The Best Car Care Tips

Owning a car can seem like an immense responsibility if you’re unaware of a few basic tips to ensure it runs smoothly. Doing so can leave you with minimum to nonexistent expenses, whilst ensuring that you are capable of taking care of your car by yourself without any external help. Therefore, elaborated upon below a few selective, quality tips that are essential for good car care.

Checking your lights

Checking your car lights is very important in order for you to remain safe. The beauty of this tip resides in the fact that the process of it is more routine procedure than mechanical, which saves you expenses and keeps you safe simultaneously.

Maintain your AGM car battery 

Your car is most likely to possess what is known as an AGM car battery, which refers to an Absorbed Glass Matt battery. When a battery of this kind is a part of your car, you must ensure that you never open the battery, regardless of the condition. You can refer to this guide about the AGM car battery to understand more about it.

A battery expert should be the one responsible for checking these batteries every two or three months to ensure that the water is upto the lower edge of the refill hole.

This is with regard to the non maintenance free wet cell batteries. In the case of a maintenance free battery, water is very rarely needed, and thus, you should not concern yourself with this.

Furthermore, it allows the prevention of a number of accidents that have taken place since these are prone to happen when your lights are malfunctioning or working in an inadequate manner. You can check your lights in a relatively simple manner by having a friend, or somebody else, stand behind the car and confirm that each light is functioning properly while you’re testing them. If a problem is discovered, you can solve it quite quickly and avoid expenses that may come with being pulled over.

Ensuring that your radiator is serviced

The radiator is supposed to prevent your car from getting too hot or too cold, accompanied by its other systems. However, if the radiator is left unchecked for a longer period of time, it can lead to the freezing/cracking of the engine, or the overheating of it, due to the lack of effectiveness of the fluids, which run through the radiator. Therefore, you should routinely have your radiator serviced to avoid such problems.

Use coffee beans to combat bad odors

To neutralize bad odors in your car use a row of house means. For general odor neutralization, just put a bowl of coffee beans in your cart. Coffee absorbs moisture, absorbs all odors and neutralizes them. As good as coffee is rice or flour.

Clean air conditioning and ventilation system

Narrow and narrow cracks, such as the air conditioner, are often a problem when cleaning the interior of the car. To remove the dust here with a normal rag is almost impossible. A foam brush, preferably a narrow model, clean the cracks in the ventilation system.

Be alert towards the ‘Check Engine Light’

This particular light is meant to alert you that your engine is not functioning in an adequate manner. This sign is often ignored by people since they consider it insignificant and a false indicator of an actual problem. However, if the sign is ignored, it could lead to a seemingly larger problem in the future and can cause major inconveniences for the owner. If you consider it this way, it is much more sensible to deal with a ‘check engine’ alert rather than having your car stacked away at a mechanics for days, or even weeks, on end due to your stubbornness.

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