5 Key Moments in the History of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence seems like it is brand new, but it has some fascinating history. How did it all happen? What causes so many companies, like for example Inside Tech, to implement it? Let’s find out what were the five key moments in the AI history so far.

#1. Introduction of the term

In 1955 the world first heard the two words “artificial” and ”intelligence” together. The phrase was introduced by John McCarthy, who at the time working at the Dartmouth Summer Research Project. What started as a workshop is now considered the future of the planet. Six years later, robots replace humans for the first time in General Motors working the assembly line.

#2. Chess and pets

First breakthrough development of AI happened when a computer beat the world champion, famous player, Gary Kasparov, in the game of chess. It gave a sense of what machines could be capable of. Two years later, in 1999, Sony created the first pet dog robot. Proving again that there are no limits for AI.

#3. A win for the supercomputer

Another game-related crucial moment in the history of Artificial Intelligence. A supercomputer defeats in a quiz game not only one human player but two at the same time. And they say knowledge is power.

#4. Siri vs. Alexa

You all heard about them by now. Perhaps the most popular part of the AI history is the introduction of two types of virtual assistants. Siri being a personal assistant within your phone and Alexa invented for online shopping tasks.

#5. First AI laws

For many years they weren’t any laws specifically designed to regulate the AI industry. But as it got more and more popular, this had to change. The European Union developed guidelines for dealing with Artificial Intelligence in 2018. It took over 60 years for governments to recognise the power of AI.

That concludes the list of five critical moments in the history of Artificial Intelligence.If you want to know even more about AI, find some curious facts about the phenomenon below.


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