Is Traveling to Vietnam Safe for UK Citizens Amidst Covid-19 Virus Outbreak?

There has been complete chaos amongst the global countries. With every day, the confirmed cases are increasing as we write. And naturally so, there is a lot of uncertainty over the different countries where it is safe to travel. The reason being, most of the countries are affected by the virus – as we write, there have been 60 confirmed cases of the virus in Vietnam.

Most of the governments across the globe are announcing strict travel advice for different countries. The travelers have been advised to stay put in their houses, let alone traveling in the heart of the country. 

How Safe is it to Travel Vietnam?

As we all are aware of Coronavirus Pandemic Affects. The U.K. government has asked its citizens to avoid traveling to Vietnam as there is a huge risk of the virus being infected during the trip. Science daily, the confirmed cases keep on increasing; it has been announced that from March 15, all foreign nationals will be refused to enter Vietnam in case they have been to the UK even in transmit. This restriction will stay put until April 14, 2020.

Businessmen with UK citizenship can still travel with a valid visa. However, if you have been in Vietnam for 14 days, chances are, you will not be allowed to enter. In case you do, there is a provision to be in a 14 days quarantine while the broader travel restrictions stay the course. 

The airlines in Vietnam have also taken the decision to reduce the number of direct flights to and from Europe. As we speak, there has been a growing number of cases that have been quarantined as a part to restrict the spread of Coronavirus in Vietnam. 

It has been observed that the Vietnamese quarantine centers are safe but they are quite basic. You will not get the same services as the Public Health England Standards. Also, there is a chance that British nationals will be asked to leave their hotels in Vietnam. You may be put on self-isolation for 13 days, even if you get into Vietnam and develop flu-like symptoms or in contact with someone who had Coronavirus infection.

Enhanced Restrictions

There are increased restrictions for British nationals that wish to get into Vietnam. From March 12, 2020, Vietnam has terminated its visa waiver program for British nationals. Even e-Visas have been suspended and the visa applications in the Vietnamese embassy in London will not get processed. Therefore, the UK government has asked its nationals to familiarise themselves with the risks before traveling to Vietnam.

You must postpone looking at all the Vietnam Holiday Packages until the effects of the virus subside. 

From noon on March 15, 2020, people who have visited the UK or China, Iran, Italy or Daegu city and Gyeongsangbuk province in South Korea in the past 13 days will not be allowed to enter Vietnam. There are also implications of further restrictions in a short period. 

So, what exactly is Coronavirus?

The virus started in Wuhan City, Hubei Province; however, now the cases are not restricted only to China but have spread across other countries in the world, including Vietnam. It is a large family of viruses that results in mild to moderate upper-respiratory tract illnesses, like the common cold. The symptoms of Coronavirus are cough, temperature and shortness of breath. However, human Coronaviruses can result in lower respiratory tract illnesses like pneumonia bronchitis or more severe diseases like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). 

So, what happens if you have received once-in-a-lifetime Vietnam holiday deals that you can avoid?

The best advice is after reaching Vietnam; it is better to remain indoors and maintain social distancing. This is also true if you are going back to the UK from this country. You are also advised to wear masks in general public places and get special permits if in case you need to organize a large public event. 

What Should You Do If You Feel Unwell?

Don’t rush to your GP; however, instead, call NHS 111 or look online at the Coronavirus service that can inform you in case you need medical assistance and what to do next. NHS 111 should be employed in case you feel unwell with Coronavirus symptoms. Or if you have been in a country with a high-risk Coronavirus contingency in the last two weeks. It should also be used if you have been near someone who has this virus.

To Travel to Vietnam or Not During this Pandemic?

We suggest you avoid going outside during this extreme situation. The best resort is to remain indoors and maintain distance while interacting with people. It is a positive step from global countries to have a complete shutdown to ensure that COVID 19 does not have an enormous scale impact on their economy. It has got to be seen how much it will impact the travel industry. However, until that time, we suggest you remain indoors and avoid traveling to another country at this point. 


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