Is It Time to Assess Your Cloud Security Yet?

Most of the organizations are concerned about their cloud security, but the majority of them are still unable to follow best practices. According to research, a data breach affected 100 million customer Capital One (a bank holding financial company) and the underlying cause was the configuration vulnerabilities. Similarly, a survey carried out by a security firm Outpost24 at Infosecurity Europe in June 2019 states that most of the companies were unable to detect issues in their cloud environment. Whereas, 31% of the 300 security professionals admitted that they have already experienced cyberattacks on their cloud systems. The same survey shows that 27% of organizations cannot tell if their cloud data was compromised.

Using a Proactive Approach to Cloud Migration

Since more organizations embrace digital transformation and consider cloud migration, the major reason for a data breach is the lack of cloud security measures. Although migrating to the cloud is daunting, organizations consider this option by hiring a cloud security assessment company. Organizations begin with a proactive approach to see how these services support new initiatives and growth demands.

Do your Current Cloud Solutions Meet Business Goals?

Whether you are new to cloud services or have been in the cloud for years, conducting a cloud security assessment is important to assess if your cloud is helping you meet business goals and also secures your data. It is important to analyze if your current cloud solutions are meeting your goals and matching with the security tools to determine the efficiency of your system.

Assessing Cloud Capabilities

Security solutions are the same for both on-premises and cloud computing. It is essential to assess whether you have the right tools and skilled people for the current cloud usage. When implementing best practices on cloud security always make sure that you select tools that work across both and you can take advantage of the built-in security tools available by the cloud providers. You also need to understand how shared responsibility impacts the security requirements and leverage them for meeting business goals.

Gain Clarity About Your Cloud Solutions

Organizations should assess their cloud solutions to check the cloud deployment for strategic and capabilities alignment while securing cloud security. There are a number of cloud services including public and private clouds that come with different security tools and information capabilities. These tools also provide insight into the future of cloud security, that help understand these capabilities and evaluate how well they are being leveraged into your business. If you are ignoring the cloud tools, then you are putting your business into a risk. It is important to evaluate how well you are leveraging cloud capabilities to scale the security program.


The sooner organizations realize the importance of hiring cloud security services, the better it turns out for their business security and growth. The result is often a secure and efficient cloud environment that meets business goals. Thus, cloud security assessment services are important for all businesses running their systems on the cloud.

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