Is It Safe To Use Malwarebytes?

Windows users are always in search of an antivirus program so that they can protect their computers from certain types of viruses and malwares. While surfing on the internet, your desktop computer can be flooded with a lot of Antivirus programs which can make your data corrupt or and your windows infected, for which you might need to install your operating system again.

To make the user’s  web surfing experience safe and provide Windows users with an ultimate pack of protection from malware and viruses, Malwarebytes was founded.

This legitimate free internet security software has been there for a long time and was designed with an intention to not only keep you protected by malwares, but to prevent you from ransomware and malicious software and websites too besides offering the user a safe working environment.

What is Malwarebytes?

Malware has certain types which includes viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and many more, which has been designed to cause damage to your device. Malwarebytes is a free software that comes with a paid upgraded model that hunts down the malware on your device and helps you to remove that virus permanently.

Malwarebytes uses a modern approach towards the technology and its continually updated database which helps to recognize the threats that are causing trouble in your computer and then process that threats and show them a way out by removing them.

Consisting of smart behavior malware detecting technology, detecting malware that hasn’t even been seen before is not difficult for this software anymore. Having a strength of detecting and blocking more than eight million threats per day with over 187,000 scans per month, this device can assure you of ultimate safety.

Malwarebytes Security Features

The manufacturer’s and designers of Malwarebytes have evolved this software from an average malware scanner to a fully-functioning pro antivirus and have enriched this software with powerful functioning options.

Malwarebytes is considered to be one of the best antivirus solutions for fighting and eradicating all malwares while keeping its effective virus protection maintained. It absolutely offers users with perfect virus detection rates and catches almost every type of malware and ransomware samples hindering your PC. With its increased specifications and virus detection technology, Malwarebytes is capable of giving other leading antivirus brands like Windows Defender and Avast a handsome competition.

While impressing users with it’s malware detection rates, this malware byte consists of a drawback that it lacks additional security features. Antiviruses like Norton offer a comprehensive set of features like providing a password manager, a built-in VPN, has parental controls and anti-theft tools within an affordable price range, but beside its security features, Malwarebyte has proved its worth for a very long time.

Real-Time Protection

Malwarebytes paid premium model offers an efficient and really strong “Real-Time Protection” detail which features hunting for zero-day virus attacks and ransomware beside providing premium potential vulnerabilities in a program which can’t be exploited by cybercriminals or hackers.

Malwarebytes real-Time protection comes with four types of protection which are linked with each other which includes Malware protection, ransomware protection, web protection and last but not the least exploit protection. These four layers are textured to run at the same time to maintain the foundation of the software and provide extreme protection against every evil cybercriminals.

By the addition of these four layers to provide real-time protection, Malwarebytes mainly depends heavily on its heuristic analysis, which means that by looking at a program’s factors like its built structure and the way it’s behaving, malwarebyte can identify and wipe out unknown malware and viruses that program used to have.

Malwarebytes also consist of an updated advanced behavior (heuristic) analysis along with virus signatures which helps to detect potential threats and keep the users safe.

Being loaded with signature based detection, Malwarebytes offers to detect threats by using unique sets of systems’ data and binary codes so that each and every uninvited can be eradicated with ease.

The real time protection of this software is really something that keeps this great system ahead of other antiviruses out there. While most antiviruses offer some sort of real-time protection and heuristic analysis as well but by knowing the fact that Malwarebytes have such a strong command over these features and operate them in such an efficient manner that  its  “just another security feature” turns into an outstanding strong wall of defense against extremely intrusive malwares.

Is Malwarebytes Safe?

Malwarebytes is a well known software that is popular among PC enthusiasts and is considered to be safe and sound to operate. This software can prove to be helpful against every case of malware detection.

However, you can come across a wide range of fake copies of this software that are running all over the Internet and can possibly compromise the computer of the user. It’s advised that  people should download the software from their official website to avoid any type of inconvenience.

However, due to the increased amount of cybercriminals, new types of viruses and malwares are running over the internet these days due to which a PC user cannot remain dependent on this software only. Although it’s extremely true that this software operates effectively and prevents your computer being hindered and infected against viruses, it possibly can’t give a tough fight to the modern set of threats.


If you have a look at malwarebyte complete review, you’ll realize that malwarebytes have achieved a user’s score of six out of six.

If you purchase the Malwarebytes paid version, then you will be able to receive its real-time protection technology which makes this software a bit more effective and efficient but some parts of this software still needs to be upgraded and enhanced as when it comes to deal with modern threats, this software can lag a bit. But still it is much superior then software packages like BitDefender and Norton 360.

If you are still unsure or have second thought about Malwarebyte, then you have to opt for this antivirus so that you can witness this software’s extreme quality and user safety experience.

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