Is it good to Monitor and Limit Our Social Media Intake?

Do you know that monitoring analytics gives you valuable information? More than you can actually think! So much so, that it has to be an essential weekly practice in your inbound marketing procedure. As a brand owner, you should know that your customers have an opinion and a voice. Modern customers love to communicate with brands like Xfinity Double Play via social media forums. But handling all those messages on various social media sites is a complex task. It’s not as easy as running a Xfinity Internet speed test! Hence, the need for monitoring tools on social media!

It is only advisable to invest wisely in social media monitoring. If you manage to implement it effectively, you will end up boosting the communication pipeline of your brand. If you are still not convinced, then read on to explore the undeniable benefits of the said monitoring. You may end up boosting your business to the next level by implementing it. Stay put

Figure out Which Posts are More Engaging

After spending years in your niche, you may think that you know your targeted audience very well. But, you will always have certain posts, which will surprise you. They will not be beyond your expectations. Some posts will fail even if you have worked hard on them. Hence, you cannot define your posts according to a pet formula. Here is the best way to judge your posts for the future. You need to take a keen look at how your current pieces and posts are performing. Observe the posts with lots of shares and comments. And observe the ones more keenly which went unnoticed.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Figure out the pain points of your audience. Can you solve any of their problems?
  • What are the commonly asked questions? Can you answer them once and for all and ease their lives?
  • Observe which type of posts bring more interaction. Are they questions, free offers, how-to-guides, the BTS of your business, or casual real-life photos?

After you get the answers to these, you can craft your future posts accordingly.

Approachable to Your Valued Customers

Providing excellent customer service is one of the most important factors for the success of any brand. If you want to be an approachable organization, you need to work on every communication avenue. This essentially includes social media sites. According to a study, about 34.5% of modern customers prefer social media customer care to know about their products and their brands. This percentage beats all other channels such as email and live chat. Therefore, work on improving your customer care on social media. Also, improve the way you greet them. Observe what kind of responses makes them more comfortable and willing to explore your products.

Track Messages Relevant to Your Brand

Social media monitoring allows you to discover more engagement opportunities with your customers. When it comes to social networking sites, you need to be aware of every incoming message that is relevant to your brand. Even if you are not mentioned directly. You need to have eyes on more than just your own account and page. You can make a solid impression on your customers if you manage to answer their queries where you are not even mentioned directly. This can probably be the actual difference between an abandoned cart and a purchase.

Interact With Your Key Customers & Top Brand Advocates 

We have already established the significance of your brand monitoring. Your brand must have some real and huge fans. Don’t leave them unattended! They can become your brand advocates and can promote your brand. They can bring more engagement by sharing their experiences with your products. Monitoring tools on social media allow you to interact easily with your brand advocates and influencers. Monitoring conversations and interactions with your key customers can open avenues for them to be a part of your marketing efforts.

Track Your Competitors’ Strategies

You need to be a careful observer of what is and what is not working for your competitors. The good thing about social media monitoring is that it is not restricted to your brand only. It also helps you understand the marketing activities and engagement hacks of your competitors. We would recommend monitoring conversations which have the mentions of your top competitors. For instance, Verizon would want to track conversations about T-Mobile. And vice versa. The conversations about Spectrum Customer Support and service can be of great help to AT&T. This practice allows you to understand the pain points of your competitors’ customers. Therefore, you can improve on those fronts and provide a better experience.

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