Installing Your Balcony Decking The Right Way

There are various techniques available on how to install your new balcony deck. These techniques are often changing and evolving for continuous improvisions. With so many techniques used, the choice can be overwhelming and confusing. But there is one common thing about it, and that is making sure that you are doing it the right way.

Here are some of the best tips and approaches to help you build and install your own balcony deck. The list of tips and techniques we are soon going to show you will significantly help and guide you. Before starting and indulging yourself with the process, it is important to take not these tips and considerations.

Building Tips

1. Make Plans

Making a plan before indulging yourself with the process is one of the primary considerations that need deep deliberation. The planning should include all necessary information such as your budget, desired style, design, intended purpose. Furthermore, finding the right materials, tools, and equipment to use is also necessary. For instance, installing balcony deck requires you substantial knowledge about stainless steel investment casting and in finding sturdy and reliable materials.

2. Intended Purpose

Determining the intended purpose of your planned balcony deck will also help you design it properly. To do this, you need to figure out the intended use or purpose of your balcony deck. It may include entertainment, for relaxation, dining, gardening, and other more.

3. Site Location

The location also matters. Building a deck should not be done merely because you wanted it around. Consideration to the location where you want to place it is also deemed necessary. This includes the area, the view, the proximity to the house, the privacy, and considerations for weather conditions.

4. Budget

As said, money is one of the primary considerations, too. Sometimes it is easy to find the right location, design, and to plan for the materials to use. However, the financial capacity often what stops us from moving. If you are looking for cost-effective and high-quality materials to use, Vast offer a wide selection of items for you.

5. Materials

As said, materials are one of the primary considerations. To better help you, when building a balcony deck it is necessary to find standard quality materials. It should be:

  • Weather-resistant
  • Pressure-treated
  • Hardwoods if you are going to use woods
  • Composite decking is made of recycled plastics and wood fibers
  • Other alternatives include plastic and aluminum

Installation Guide

With the tips aforementioned, here are the easy to follow the installation guide for you:

1. Prepare The Deck

Recommended tools include a circular saw, hand drill, impact driver, screws, tape measure, safety gears, and other more. The height of the decking should go along with the depth of your balcony. It should neither be lower than the tip of your balcony nor should it exceed beyond it. It is also necessary that the correct size pilot holes are already drilled before screwing all composite products. Here are more preparations you need to consider:

  • Make sure to leave at least 22-millimeter gap when your deck adjoined walls or other objects
  • It should not overhang different structure or joists by more than 20 millimeter
  • You should measure twice

2. Build The Sub-Structure

The distance between the joist should not be more than 300 millimeters apart from the pioneer range. You should as well need to double the beams for more sturdy support. The joist should also not overhang support by more than 50 millimeters. Then, you may now screw down the cradles and make sure to leave a gap of approximately 6 millimeters between.

3. Lay The Deck

First, you need to screw the starter fasteners onto the edge of the outer joist. After doing so, you may now slide the first decking board towards the clip and secure it. The gap in between should be around 3 millimeters. To screw down the fastener, you will need to tilt the decking board slightly. Then you may now install the second row and continue with the same process. Here are some more reminders:

  • Make sure to leave at least 8 millimeters in every row where but joints are required
  • Always use one fastener per decking board at butt joists
  • Failing to do so will result in strain

4. Finishing

To finish, screw the board to the joist to secrete the grooved decking edge. You may also add the corner trims if you wish to.

The Bottom Line

All the above information are helpful tips and techniques on how to properly install and build your own balcony deck. There are other more additional considerations which may not be listed above. You may add it as you experience it first hand and on your own. In building your balcony deck, it is only necessary to take careful deliberation on the planning and other more considerations needed. Furthermore, in the installation process, being careful with the measurements and on the step-by-step procedures is also deemed necessary.

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