How the Instagram Metrics Help You to Get More Followers & Engagement

Instagram metrics is a good way to start the journey of your business growth on Instagram. Before starting off, you need to learn how you can use it for getting more Instagram followers. Also, you should know what metrics are used for measuring and tracking on Instagram. You can find it at your analytics and here we will discuss some Instagram metrics that will help you grow your business. Let’s have a look!

Track Discovery Metrics

Track your discovery metrics in the Instagram Insight and come to know how your audience found your photo or video and where they came from. To find these metrics, open your profile and hit the image that wants to like to view its metrics. Now, hit on the option ‘view insight’ below your image and you will get two options in the information bar i.e. discovery and interactions. Click on the discovery option and know all the metrics that mentioned above.

Track people reach

Reach is the number of real or unique views that have seen your photo or video. On the other hand, the impression is the total number of view time that your photo or video has been seen. Reach metrics is the best metrics of Instagram as it will tell you what the growth of your account is and how many people react to your posts who are not your followers. You can trach audience’s reach daily or weekly within your Instagram. All you need to tap the Instagram insights and then click on the discovery tab and get all the information what you want. If you have not good post reach then increase your post reach by influencer marketing. Because it can help you to reach a targeted audience, increase your sales, promote your brand and grow your Instagram followers. Also, you can increase the chances of post reach by tagging relevant people and brands in your posts.

Use Your Average Watched video Rates to create good IGTV Videos

You can use Instagram metrics to track the performance of your IGTV videos. For example, you can find out the watch rate (Average Percentage) of your video. To increase the watch time of your video, include a short introduction of your video and that video that will let the people understand what they are going to watch and what your content will be all about. Also, find the sweetest spot for your viewers by doing an experiment with the video length. It will help you what your audience want to see and plan out a new strategy according to results.

Track Link Open Rates:

If you are a brand or business then you likely want to add your website’s link to promote your product. You can track link open rates to know which service or product display in your stories on Instagram. However, Instagram allows you to add the link of your website in the profile bio but the account having more than 10,000 Instagram followers can use the swipe up feature through Instagram stories. By tracking link open rates, you will also know which product your viewers like the most.

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