5 Inspired Bathroom Decor Ideas for 2021

People love to invest the most in beautifying their bathrooms. The maintenance and decor of the bathroom say a lot about one’s personality. One always wishes the bathroom he uses must be relaxing and full of good vibes. 

Let’s discuss some bathroom decor ideas.

Wall decor

Wall decor is an essential element of bathroom decor. Your bathroom walls are generally covered up with tiles or with water-resistant material. Look for a focal point on your wall above your bathtub or just opposite it. Your wall art can take 60 to 70 percent of the wall. 

For bathroom wall arts, you can take some ideas from here to make a stunning bathing area. If your area is less, you can hang a long vertical frame. Panoramic canvas gives an elongation effect too. 

Finally, a statement canvas over the bathtub wall will give your area a luxurious touch.

Gorgeous canvas framed or unframed, photo prints of nature, sarcastic quotes, or something abstract will go with bathroom decor. 

You can also customize your wall art. For example, a medium-size split canvas, i.e., when a single image is distributed over two or more frames. This wall art over the organizer will look so complete. 

Touch of Greenery

A touch of greenery is so essential to add some life to your decor. So, on your washbasin vanity, place some painted ceramic small pots. If your bathroom allows, place a sizable ceramic flower vase, which can be of contrasting patterns or golden hues. 

Then, on your wall organizer, you can add some small pots. Greenery adds a whole lot of freshness to your decor.

Love for Lights

Everyone wants their washroom to be dreamy. Add a pinch of magic by installing luxurious lights. For example, you can install a hanging ceiling light in the center of the bathroom. This will be a game-changer. 

Wall sconces with candles or electric bulbs will give it a royal touch. Concealed ceiling lights are preferred for modern looks too.  Scented candles on the organizer, on the washbasin will surely level up the decor. The mirror over the washbasin can be decorated with lights.

Trending Organizer

Suppose you can afford a medium size organizer for keeping your towels and bathroom accessories. These wooden pieces will add practicality and aesthetics to your washroom.

If you want to save space, hang an open wooden bamboo organizer of any water-resistant material. Place your bathroom accessories on it. Make it even more beautiful by placing some glass bottle pants or scented candles.

Invest in organizers—a ceramic stand to keep a toothbrush, an exotic soap stand, and a soap dispenser. Keep in mind these little things while buying bathroom accessories.

Beautiful Rug

It would help if you did not forget about the floor. But, if your flooring is simple, don’t worry. Plenty of rugs and cushioned carpets are available to add detailing to the floor. 

You can throw a rug in front of your bathtub or bathing section just below the shower curtain.

Place a rug under the pot too. Some people prefer a total cushioning experience with a carpet. It looks great too. You can opt for a dust-proof rug.

Final Words

By adding some essential yet exceptional decor, we can alter the look of the bathroom. Choose the decor options from the above ideas to give your bathroom a new and trending look. 

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