9 Cool and Inexpensive Ways to Refresh Your Office Space

In personal life, no one of us doubts that the physical atmosphere affects the mood a lot. A messy house lets your mood down and walking in a fresh landscape helps you lift your mood. We change locations in the name of holidays to influence our moods.

When you do it your personal life, why you can’t do the same for your office. By looking at the surroundings in your office will help you know why your team members or employees are not happy, productive or creative. You know it’s not money, but your approach holding you back from refreshing your office. If you want your employees to be creative and happy at work, change your approach and start working towards giving a new look to your office without spending too much money. Here are some cool ideas for your support:

1. Invest a little in-room freshener

Are you going to focus on how your office looks when you are fixing your office? It’s good, but you should not ignore other essential senses, like how your workplace smells. In order to get rid of bad smells, you don’t need to invest a huge amount. Just buy a few sprays and ask one of your employees to spray room fresheners on a regular interval.

2. Paste labels or stickers having motivational quotes on walls

Get in touch with a reputable company like iCustomlabel for label designing and ask them inscribe motivational quotes on the customized stickers. Attach those stickers or labels on walls after receiving from them. You can get your business beliefs or mottos printed on the customized stickers and paste all the walls of the working area and meeting rooms so that your staff and clients will see them easily.

3. Add some colours

You need to add colours to your office premise if it is neutral or monotone. It is easy to find colourful accents at any contemporary furniture store. Or you can find some exciting colours to paint your office premise. Keep a different colour for walls and one for the ceiling.

4. Buy or download some art pieces

You can get your stickers designed and made if you have no budget issue. With personalized stickers, you can decorate all around your workplace. Whether the place is the washrooms, staire area, cafeteria, or privacy area, you should decorate all of them with stickers having business mottos or motivational quotes. You can contact a professional like ICustom Labels to get labels and stickers designed for your business. With this, you will keep your team members inspired, motivated and dedicated. If budget is a constraint for you, download from the Internet and take print out of them to decorate your workplace.

5. Look for an alternative to a whiteboard

In search of a larger decorative finishing to give your workplace a distinguished character? We generally use chalkboard spray paint for kid’s room and kitchen. In your office, you can replace the whiteboard with a chalkboard for taking note while you are talking to someone on the phone.

6. Gift custom water bottles to your team members

At the workplace, we use bottles for drinking water. For bringing a new look to your office, you can gift water bottles to your staff and ask them for carrying the same all days. On these bottles, you can stick water labels with company mottos, beliefs or motivational quotes. With this, you will be able to keep your staff aware of why they are here and what they should do for their own and company growth.

7. Clear all clutter

For a refreshing look at the workplace, you need to clear all the clutters lying here and there. Whether they are files, dustbins, or other useless objects, collect all of them. Categorize them into two groups – useful and useless. Keep useful things organized and throw away the useless from your office. Sell those useless items to the garbage collector. In brief, make your workplace clutter free.

8. Maintain cleanliness inside and outside

You need to keep your workplace clean from inside and outside if you are serious to give a refreshing look to your workplace. Appoint a person and make him/her responsibility to maintain the cleanliness around your office premise.

9. Bring the outdoors indoors

Here I mean you should place some plants inside the workplace. You can choose plants like money plant, basil, and lemon balm for plantation inside your workplace. Apart from making air clean, these plants give a natural look and make your office premise mosquito free.

In brief, giving a refreshing look to your workplace is completely related to your will power. Money or budget does not work as a barrier. Your budget constraint disappears when you decide firmly to give a refreshing look. With customized labels and stickers, renovation is more comfortable and inexpensive.

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