Improving Your Career Confidence

When you are wanting to pursue the career of your dreams, there is plenty stopping you. Other people, employers who expect too much out of their preferred candidates, the list goes on. However, the person who may be your worst enemy can be yourself. Your own doubts, lack of confidence, and your overall mental health can affect your chances of getting a job, a promotion, and being able to grow as a person. Here are some ways you can be more confident.

  • Getting Past the Gatekeepers

Have you ever looked at a job you felt you’d be a great fit for, only for you to be intimidated by the preferred qualifications?  They are usually asking for an entry level job with 10 years of experience, a Master’s degree in five different fields, fluent in five different languages, and able to work weekends, holidays, and during an apocalypse.

Employers expect way too much when posting these jobs. On the other hand, there are some employers who set unrealistic expectations to scare away the people who lack confidence.

Think of job postings as dating ads. Someone may want a man who is 7 foot tall, tan, and makes seven figures a year, but they are going to settle for less because that is not realistic, and someone who has those qualifications won’t want to work with them anyway.

If you at least meet a few qualifications, or can bring something to the table, you can still get a response despite the ridiculousness of what those job postings require.

  • Be More Sociable

To improve your confidence, you have to be a bit more sociable. You should be able to be social to survive the interview, have good team building, and be able to improve yourself as well. Of course, not everyone is naturally charasmatic. Instead, you should practice talking to people and apply for one job at a time to make your confidence levels improve.

  • If You Don’t Get The Job

One of the biggest ways your confidence can be wrecked is if you spend all that time applying, only to not get a response. Or you get interviewed, only for them to ghost you later or for you to be told they have hired someone else.

If you have been ghosted, they could just be busy, and calling them up to remind them on occasion can prove to your potential employer that you’re highly interested in getting the job. Many employers prefer a candidate who actively follows up. Obviously, blowing up their phone isn’t going to help you, but occasionally asking for updates can help.

Now if you for sure didn’t get the job, instead of moping, find out why you didn’t get it. Is it because you didn’t have enough experience? If so, is there a way to get more, or to take similar experience and apply it to your job? If it was because of your personality, is it something you can improve.

Being able to improve your confidence can help you get the job. Plus, it’s something you can teach your children if you have any. For more information on improving the lives of your kids, go here to find out more.

If it’s still difficult to find the confidence you need, it could be a sign of a bigger mental health issue. Luckily, there is hope. Going to sites such as can give you counseling and other ways to help you grow and improve your career. Your confidence can be improved and you can learn how to cope should you not get the job.

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