Importance of Project Management in Construction Industry

No matter which industry you pick from the market as an example, project management is sure to have an impact on that industry. Project management is a thing that makes many other things beneficial to people. Let’s take up the construction industry, for instance. If effective project management is used in any construction project, the owners have an increased chance of achieving potential success as the project would be completed within the budget and also within the allotted time.

Construction management henceforth can be considered as a professional service. Planning designing and construction of the given project is overseen by applying the techniques of this specialized project management. It is especially helpful if it is a large scale project because they possess more problems which could result in a tremendous delay in the completion of the project and also cost a lot of money.

Work of a Construction Manager

The construction manager is the person who analyses the project thoroughly to calculate the impact of decisions over the schedule and budget of the project. If a professional construction manager and his team are not involved in the project, there is a high risk of unforeseen problems arising that could put the entire project at stake. If a project manager is included in a project at an early stage there always is a plan ready for problems that may arise during the working of the project. His project management skills also ensure that the customer saves money and time by applying his own experience.

His presence also provides clear lines of accountability. When a construction management team is involved in a project, there is very little place for confusion as everyone knows who is the decision-maker and what objectives they are here to fulfil. He directs the team to focus on what are their respective roles and what goals are they going to achieve as a team. The team not only gets a clear idea on their individual roles but also they get to know why are they supposed to do what they have been directed. The Global view of the project analysed by the construction manager enables him to tackle risks before they even arise.

There are three phases in construction management:

Planning and Organizing

Organization and planning of events involved in the project take place in this first phase. It involves creating plans, overlooking budgets, shortlisting the processes and allocating the resources. Quality control is the first thing that is ensured throughout the entire process. It may be the architect or the engineer but, someone who possesses a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of construction.

Construction Phase

  • This phase, the quality and progress of the construction would be monitored by the team members who would all be closely involved with the process to analyze minute details. Meanwhile, the construction manager would be working hand in hand with the contractor and ensuring there are no delays in the process of trades like ordering, delivery time and fabrication of long lead-time items.
  • The team is involved in troubleshooting. If their analysis gives them insight on problems like delay in the work procedure or budget complications which could derail the construction procedure, they make necessary changes and bring them to action to bring the project back on track. The construction manager, on the other hand, maintains a constant communication within the owners, designers and contractors transparently ensuring every problem and ever detail is conveyed to all the parties perfectly.

Post-Construction Phase

  • Role of the construction manager does not cease after the completion of the construction. Upon completion of the project, the manager has involved in supervisors everything that would benefit the customer at the end of the project. He gets involved in the resolution of disputes, closes out the contracts handed over during the construction process, obtains and reviews maintenance and operation manuals, supervises the warranty work and the punch list, also interfaces with government personnel to procure a temporary certificate of occupancy and later helps in upgrading it to a permanent certificate of occupancy.

These are the many benefits that involving project management gets you in the process of construction and also beyond. It makes sure that every person involved in the project is giving their best and are doing the right tasks at the assigned time without delay. It improves the communication process, cost distribution and efficient planning involved in the project. Its benefits are clear and next time, and you know what help could a project management team be to you in the construction industry.

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