How to Start a Business as a Student?


Student years are not only the spring of life. It is also a period when ambitions grow but not always find satisfaction. We want to live not just better, but better than others – it’s a fact. However, the dreams of youth come true only if considered with a share of common sense.

It is not surprising that a student can fantasize about a beautiful life or his own business. Someone will say that it’s too early for him to think about stable income and prosperity. It seems that young people have practically no opportunities. In reality, it is even easier to launch a business in student years: there is no family and children to raise, relatives may support you.

How to force yourself to move?

One of the main obstacles on the way to material well-being is laziness. The first thing you need to do is find a job to gain at least minimal labor experience. It’s hard to turn into a millionaire if you have not worked a single day in your life. For example, you can become an author of custom essays on a special website like Pro-Papers paper writing service. Or you may immediately launch a business in the chosen sphere if it does not require serious investments.

Statistics show that only 5% of young people who dream of starting a business really achieve the goal. The reason is simple – only these 5% really do their utmost to implement the plan. The rest of the dreamers’ delay, constantly find excuses and continue to fantasize about winning the lottery up to the very retirement.

To force yourself to move, it is enough to think in real terms. Do not build castles in the air. Yes, you should have a long-term goal, which will seem unattainable at the moment. But there also must be a real plan that can be implemented in reality – step by step, here and now. A plan is a key thing in any serious matter.

How to create a plan?

Let’s say you want to become a concrete plant owner. But only one thought of the amount of investment in such a project causes a migraine. What to do? Beginners should choose something less in scale. Some enterprising people started their journey in the concrete business with intermediary operations. You need a minimum of funds to become an intermediary.

Don’t you want to hear about small goals? Think well what will rejoice you in a few years: a real working business or the same iridescent dream? Choose the tangible option.

So, the first plan should be realistic. In it, you will achieve a minimum in order to move on. It is not necessary to launch the first business in the niche that seems attractive to you today, but the chosen sphere also should not cause obvious antipathy.

When a simple and achievable goal is defined, it remains to divide it into stages and to write down specific actions for each day of the week. Performing them, you will approach your dream. The airy idea which fogs up the head will become more and more accessible.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What can you give to people?
  2. What are your skills?
  3. What are you interested in?

It is also necessary to clarify whether the goods or services you are ready to offer are in demand. You can find the business of your dreams somewhere at the junction of the four answers.

If a beginner thinks that he does not know anything, then he:

  • is too self-critical;
  • always can learn something from scratch.

You do not have to spend years. For example, preparation at specialized courses can take 1-6 months. Increased attention should be paid to practice because the theory will not help you without skills.

In general, commerce is open to many genres. You may have no practical skills but masterfully organize the activities of other people. It is an excellent talent that can be sold. Managerial abilities are highly valued and always bring returns.

Friends of a beginner entrepreneur

Opening a personal business, it is necessary to know the faces of your enemies and friends. The student’s friend is the economy of time and money, as well as other useful habits. Without saving money, it is difficult to go far in the first stages. You may have to give up beer with friends and other joys of life. But self-education should not be avoided. It is a very important thing that opens new horizons.

Young people have more time than adults because apart from study and work, nothing takes their time. A novice specialist has the right to make a mistake and, if necessary, he will always find at least one extra hour.

How to save money correctly? For someone, this is a certain science, although the process itself is relatively simple:

  • every month, put a certain sum on your personal treasury;
  • avoid unnecessary expenses;
  • keep money away from your restless hands;
  • do not tempt yourself by viewing online stores;
  • forget that you have a certain sum hidden somewhere;
  • look for additional sources of income.

In the matter of saving, there is practically no difference between an earned and a saved dollar.

Enemies of a beginning entrepreneur

Basically, these are different “time thieves”. Such enemies can be invisible and insidious. Here is the top of the “time thieves”:

  • social networks;
  • messengers;
  • e-mail;
  • cell phones;
  • online games;
  • idle friends;
  • entertainment sites;
  • alcohol and other bad habits.

Time is an irreplaceable resource that must be protected. If some things take precious minutes (hours, years) and do not benefit, you have to get rid of them ruthlessly in order not to moan that there is not enough time for doing vital things.

In social networks, it is better to have professional accounts or groups that generate revenue. This is the only benefit that a beginner entrepreneur may derive from them. The same applies to messengers – it is worth keeping in touch with colleagues, customers, and partners. It is not recommended to breed useless accounts for the sake of passive leisure.

Positive habits will become a source of new opportunities, the harmful ones will leave you with a beer belly and bags under your eyes. It’s up to you to decide what is better.

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