How to Record Videos in Better Quality from a PC Screen

Using screen recording is a lot easier nowadays, and user-friendly software have made recording videos from a PC screen simple and straightforward.

However as much as recording videos from a screen is easy, recording high quality videos can be a bit tricky for the uninitiated. If you know what needs to be done however, you should be able to record videos that have far better quality than previously.

Set the Recording Parameters to High

The first area that you should look at to record better quality videos from your screen is the recording parameters.

In particular there are two main settings that you should increase, namely the:

  • Resolution

The resolution of the video that you record from your screen will be the size of the frame that you’re recording (in pixels). Because recording at higher resolutions will produce a video with better definition, it is best to increase the resolution as high as possible.

Seeing as it is based on the frame size, the maximum resolution that you can record in will be the resolution of your display. Ideally you should run the app that you’re recording in full screen – to take full advantage of the available resolution.

  • Frame rate

The frame rate of the video will determine how smooth it looks – especially when there is any motion being recorded. Even the movement of the mouse cursor will look far more fluid and clear if you record at a higher frame rate.

Technically any frame rate above 30 is considered ‘good’, but if you want to produce videos that really look great you should record at 60 frames per second if possible.

Setting both these recording parameters as high as you can will have a very noticeable impact on the videos that you record.

Be Aware of the Audio Quality

If you are only recording the system audio (i.e. audio from your speakers) or going to discard and replace the audio – you don’t need to worry much about the audio quality.

However if you are recording commentary or other input via a microphone – it is definitely a factor to consider.

In order to improve the audio quality that you capture, you should start by using a good microphone. On top of that you should try to make sure the location you’re recording the video in is quiet, and minimize any sources of background noise that may be present.

While it is possible to tidy up the audio during post-production, taking steps to record better quality audio will make a big difference to the video.

Watch the Performance of the PC

One of the challenges with recording high quality videos with high resolutions and frame rates is the fact that they require a lot of system resources. That can affect the performance of your PC, which could lead to issues that affect the video quality.

Ideally you should conduct a trial run in advance and pay close attention to the performance of your PC. If it can handle it then you shouldn’t have any issues, but if it can’t you may want to take steps – or even reduce the resolution and frame rate that you’re recording in.

Before you reduce the recording parameters however, you should try to free up system resources in other ways. Most notably you should make sure any unnecessary apps are closed, and close background processes that you don’t need too.

Try to also turn off automatic updates and any other notifications – so that they don’t get in the way of the recording.

Use the Right Encoding Format and Settings

After you’re done recording, be sure to encode the video in the right format and settings.

The format that you select should be the one that is best for your video, based on how you intend to use it. On the other hand the resolution and frame rate should be the same as the recording parameters – to avoid any issues.

If you’re using presets that are built-into the software, try to check that they are correct rather than relying on them blindly.


The steps listed above should let you record videos that have a far better quality than before from your PC screen. As you can see none of them are particularly difficult – though some may require a bit of time and experimentation.

Be sure to use a software to record screen on Windows 7 or 10 that allows you to control the recording parameters. For example you could try Movavi Screen Recorder if you are looking for one.

It would be best if you try the steps outlined above as soon as possible, so you can see for yourself how they impact your videos. Once you do you will find it easier to record high quality videos from your screen in the future.

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